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Welcome to our community of wellness leaders, working to help more people discover purposeful cannabis consumption.

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We’re creating a community that unifies leading voices in the cannabis wellness industry to help people use cannabis in more purposeful ways. Want to be a part of our movement? Read on and apply for more info below.
We Share Your Mission

We Share Your Mission

We’re here to support the leaders in the cannabis industry who are working to break the stigma and help people discover better health and wellness through cannabis.

We Want to Amplify Your Voice

As a Jointly Wellness Leader, you’ll have opportunities to be featured across our social media pages, contribute to our Wellness Center, collaborate with other cannabis wellness advocates, and more.
We Want to Amplify Your Voice

Join Our Community

Our community leaders are enthusiastic about helping others and share our cannabis wellness goals. They’re typically medical professionals, budtenders, educators, researchers, authors, and cannabis wellness advocates. We have a few quick questions before we invite you to apply.

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