Dispensary Spotlight: Portland, OR

April 14, 2023
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Some of the best dispensaries in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon has become a cannabis lover's paradise, with an abundance of medical and recreational dispensaries offering an impressive array of strains and infused products that cater to all tastes and preferences. 

In this article, Jointly will highlight some of the best dispensaries in Portland, Oregon. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so if your favorite dispensary is missing, give us a shout on social media! And if you’re a little far from these dispensaries, check out Jointly to buy legal cannabis and CBD products and have them shipped discreetly to your door.

Cannabis has a long history in the Beaver State, from the hemp canvas that adorned many covered wagons arriving on the Oregon Trail to today’s massive medical and recreational cannabis industry.

The state was the first in the union to decriminalize cannabis possession back in 1973, and southern Oregon’s warm climate and counter-cultural tendencies made it a hotbed of illegal growing operations for decades before legalization. 

Today, Oregon is something of a consumers’ paradise when it comes to cannabis pricing, and Oregon dispensaries feature some of the lowest prices in the nation — especially for flower. Read on to discover some of the best cannabis dispensaries in Portland, Oregon, including what makes each dispensary unique and a brief overview of the products and specialties of each company.

Green Muse

  • 5515 NE 16th Ave Portland, OR 97211
  • Order in-store or online
  • Free delivery for orders over $25 pre-tax

Inspired by Portland’s long-running hip hop scene, Green Muse (formerly known as Green Hop) was founded by Northeast Portland natives Karanja Crews and Nicole Kennedy in a delightful green-and-yellow craftsman home.

Green Muse offers a full selection of cannabis flower, concentrate, edibles, topicals, and tinctures, as well as CBD products and consumption accessories. Customers can order delivery through the dispensary’s website or visit the brick-and-mortar location.

In addition to retail sales, Green Muse operates a career training program developed in partnership with the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center with the goal “to help primarily Black youth (aged 21-24) break into the legal cannabis industry,” according to Travel Portland.

Green Muse itself is a symbol of resistance to the displacement of Black Portlanders from historically Black neighborhoods like the Albina district, where the dispensary’s physical storefront is located, Crews says.

He describes the decision to open the storefront in Albina as being tied to the “buy back the block” movement popularized by artists such as Rick Ross to promote investment in Black-owned businesses and historically Black communities.

“It’s to show the young people we’re coming back,” Crews adds. “We’re here to re-invest back into the community we were taken out of.”

Green Muse stocks several great products for wellness-oriented cannabis consumers, such as a 1:1 CBN to CBD ratio tincture — perfect for non-psychoactive relaxation and sleep — and some of the best-priced Rick Simpson Oil in the country for users seeking high-strength relief.

Americanna Rx

  • 8654 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97220
  • Online/in-person sales
  • Online sales must be picked up in person

For visitors to Portland looking to stock up on good-quality, affordable cannabis just minutes from Portland International Airport, Americanna Rx is the place to be.

Americanna’s massive menu features over five hundred deals on a huge range of cannabis flower (for as little as $48 per ounce), concentrates, edibles, and more — plus a similarly wide set of product options for customers interested in non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and CBN.

“While other shops are closer to the travel hub and many more pepper the route to city center, AmeriCanna puts an extra hole or two at the end of its belt to accommodate an uncommonly comprehensive collection of product,” Portland-based cannabis writer states in a blog post for Leafly

“It’s a time-saving way to see a wide range of Oregon cannabis under one roof.”

Some of those big Oregon cannabis names available at Americanna include Trap Private Reserve, Gnome Grown Organics, Happy Cabbage Farms, Dr. Jolly’s, and OreKron.

Americanna customers can place their orders online or in-person, but all orders will have to be picked up at the dispensary’s brick-and-mortar location.

Home Grown Apothecary

  • 1937 NE Pacific St. Portland, OR 97232
  • Order in-store or online
  • Online sales must be picked up in person

Woman and immigrant-owned Home Grown Apothecary has garnered multiple awards from reader polls conducted by local magazine Willamette Week for its organic cannabis selection, dispensary quality, CBD products, and knowledgeable budtenders.

What makes Home Grown particularly unique, however, is the dispensary’s decision to expand beyond its full range of cannabis and CBD products by including over a hundred other consumable, wellness-focused loose herbs in its inventory — some of which can hold potential benefits for cannabis consumers when mixed in with cannabis flower, such as mullein leaf, damiana leaf, and rose petals.

Home Grown also offers a range of herbs that aren’t commonly mixed with cannabis for consumption but still have potential wellness benefits, such as Kava Kava root (sometimes made into a drink for relaxation) and hibiscus flower (which makes a delicious tea and has a range of purported wellness benefits). Home Grown’s in-house herbalist is available to consult with customers on what herbs might help them achieve their wellness goals or enhance their cannabis experience.

The dispensary also offers daily themed deals on many of its products, including Mushroom Mondays (which features discounts on cannabis products as well as mushroom-based tinctures and superfood powders), Utokia Tuedays (which highlights cannabis farms that use renewable energy), and Shatterdays (featuring discounts on full spectrum bads and infused joints/blunts).

Home Grown Apothecary customers can place their orders online or visit the company’s brick-and-mortar storefront.

Green Box

  • No physical storefronts
  • In-person and online sales
  • Delivery available within Portland city limits

Green Box was, according to the company, the first cannabis delivery service in the state of Oregon. It’s also one of the best-rated delivery services, bringing home reader-supported awards from local magazine Willamette Week in 2018 and 2019, and one of Portland’s premier Black-owned cannabis retail companies.

Green Box delivers anywhere within Portland city limits, and also offers a subscription box service for consumers looking to explore a variety of curated cannabis products ranging from edibles and beverages to pre-rolls and premium flower.

“Boxes can include a mix of THC and CBD dominant products, or they can be made cannabinoid-specific, meaning an assortment of predominantly THC, or predominately CBD items,” according to business outlet Mercatus. “Each box comes with a description of what’s inside, which includes detailed product information so consumers can consume with confidence.”

The company takes its name from the ubiquitous green electricity boxes that dot suburban America, co-founder Adrian Wayman tells Mercatus

“My first time smoking weed was at the electrical green box,” he adds. “There would be weed inside and we just called it the ‘green box.’ So it’s like the smoke box…the hangout spot when you’re in the subdivision.”

Green Box customers can place their orders online for delivery only.

Electric Lettuce

  • Multiple Locations
  • Online/in-person sales
  • In-store pickup only

Electric Lettuce is an echo of Portland-past, featuring hippy-tinged graphics on its website and vinyl records and retro cannabis memorabilia from the 1960s and 70s at their 15 locations in Portland and Eugene.

“Electric Lettuce was founded in 2017, with the mission to bring flower to the people and celebrate the sordid history of marijuana use in America between 1965 and 1971,” the company states. “Just as Timothy Leary did, we encourage you to turn on (your high consciousness), tune in (to the oneness of the world), and drop out (from the mindless rat race).”

The return of tie-dye and lava lamp aesthetics to the cannabis world might be a relief for some customers who feel turned off by the ultra-buttoned-up, Apple-store-esque decor favored by many dispensaries nationwide. 

“The interior evokes a clean, hippie vibe through the use of vintage furniture, wood paneling and cabinetry, and an old-school color scheme,” writes architecture and design outlet Archinect.

“Unique fabric and smooth wooden forms in the central lounge space offer a relaxed and warm feeling that continues throughout the space. Modern, wooden shelving and a glass display case show a balance of past style and present design, keeping the space comfortable and sophisticated. The bright colors of the exterior mural and muted neon window lights drive home the sixties feel.”

Electric Lettuce features a full range of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and other products, including a variety of non-THC products. Orders placed online must be picked up in person.

Releaf Health

  • 3213 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
  • Order in-store or online
  • Delivery fee varies

Releaf Health developed its retail business after initially entering the cannabis game as a wholesale company in 2016. That early experience in the wholesale space continues to inform how Releaf curates its retail inventory through partnerships with small-batch growers in Oregon and the West Coast.

“Launching under the earlier model has awarded our owners a wealth of knowledge and experience passed down to the budtenders behind the counters and the team working to bring ReLeaf’s vision to life,” the company writes on its website.

Releaf is one of the few Black-owned cannabis dispensaries in the state, and was founded by veteran IT specialist Leona Thomas, reports Willamette Week. Thomas’ IT experience has so far played a major role in the business, which operates using “her own farm-to-counter inventory management system,” the magazine adds.

Thomas is also an outspoken advocate for mothers who consume cannabis. 

“You have wine-drinking moms, meeting up for ladies’ night at the bar or playdates at their house and there’s alcohol available while kids are around. If I were to be like, ‘Let’s have a smoke sesh’… everyone would be like, ‘There’s kids in the house!’” she tells the BBC.

“The big misconception is we just smoke to get blazing high,” she says. “Well, no. I am still a mom. I still have to function. I still run a business. I still have to do pick-ups and drop-offs and attend practices.”

Customers can place orders online for delivery or a scheduled pickup at Releaf’s Northeast Portland brick-and-mortar location. Releaf carries a wide range of THC and CBD products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Club Sky High

  • 8957 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203
  • Order in-store or online
  • Delivery minimum $36 (recreational) or $30 (medical)

Club Sky High has a full selection of cannabis products on offer, but customers looking for something that will truly get them lifted turn to this dispensary for its legendary moonrocks

“This family-owned medical dispensary shop knows what its customers are looking for, carrying some of the best moon rocks (flower dipped in oil, then rolled in kief) in town and always rocking the high-THC options,” writes culture and travel outlet Thrillist. “Sure, there’s glass and edibles and all that paraphernalia jazz, but the focus here is on the THC itself.”

Club Sky High was founded in 2013 as a medical cannabis dispensary, with its first menus featuring high-potency products favored by medical patients like freshly-baked edibles and Rick Simpson Oil.

Owners Tobin and Rachel Jones credit their own experiences as medical cannabis patients with inspiring them to get into the business of cannabis themselves. 

“From the time we first purchased medical marijuana for personal use we knew that we wanted to open a marijuana store,” they write on the Club Sky High website. “We knew we could do better than what was available at the time. The process took two years, but in February 2013 we opened Club Sky High as a licensed medical marijuana clinic.”

Club Sky High customers can place their orders in-person or online, and the dispensary delivers within the Portland city limits for orders of at least $36 for recreational customers and $30 for medical orders.


  • 10645 SE Henry St. Portland OR 97266
  • In-person and online sales
  • In-store pickup only

While Archive does have a full service dispensary featuring a wide range of cannabis products, what really makes the company special is its reputation for care and excellence in the world of cannabis genetics. 

At Archive, customers interested in growing their own cannabis can explore the company’s wide selection of seeds and plant clones. 

Cloning cannabis plants is a common method of preserving the genetic profiles of a particularly popular or beneficial strain, and Archive’s team of self-described “old-school growers” have maintained a collection of classic and custom-in house strains for interested growers to explore.

“If you're at all into cannabis genetics, you've heard of Archive Seedbank,” writes Willamette Week. “Even if you casually smoke weed, there's a strong likelihood one of Archive's creations has found its way into your pipe.”

“What's more, as Archive's name might suggest, the collective is dedicated to cannabis preservation, so if you absolutely need an old-school Sour Diesel clone that verifiably dates back 20 years, Archive's your place.”

Archive has a brick-and-mortar location in Portland’s Lents neighborhood on the east side of the city. The dispensary doesn’t offer delivery, but customers can place orders online for in-person pick up.


  • 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214
  • Online/in-person sales
  • In-store pickup only

Boasting multiple awards for “best cannabis dispensary in Oregon” from Leafly and Cannabis Now, Central Eastside dispensary Farma first launched as a medical dispensary before expanding its operations into the retail space. 

The knowledge and care Farma’s owners and employees developed while working with medical cannabis patients is apparent in the dispensary’s current retail set up as well through its massive, varied selection of cannabis products and significant emphasis on education for medical and non-medical consumers alike.

Co-founder Jeremy Plumb — Portland’s “Wizard of Weed” — has played a huge role in pushing for that emphasis on education, and has even invited major cannabis researchers like Ethan B. Russo to tour the Farma facilities.

In addition to his work at Farma, Plumb is also deeply involved in cannabis cultivation and the science of applying cannabis to achieve patients’ wellness goals. He currently works as Chief Cultivation Officer at RS BioTherapeutics, a company focused on research related to how the endocannabinoid system and cannabis might be used to “address chronic and acute pulmonary (lung) inflammation-based diseases.”

As Portland State University’s Vanguard put it: “Plumb’s knowledge is as vast as his passion, and he acknowledges that there is still so much to learn and uncover about the plant’s potential. As a Portland local, he’s excited about the state’s current direction, especially in relation to other states which have eased restrictions on access.”

Farma customers can place their orders in-person or online, but all orders must be picked up at the dispensary’s brick-and-mortar storefront.


  • Multiple locations
  • Online/in-person sales
  • In-store pickup only

Nectar is on the larger end of the companies included on this list, with the company boasting over 40 locations throughout Oregon (one of which is across the street from Woody Guthrie’s old apartment building).

The company also operates 11 unique branded lines of cannabis and cannabis-related products, fueled by five farms throughout Southern Oregon’s fertile wine country.

“While we still retail products from outside of our organization, we have developed 11 of our own Nectar brands that are grown on farms in the beautiful and fertile lands of Southern Oregon,” the company states in a blog post.

“Each farm that grows our Nectar brands is owned by us or one of our premium vendors that we partner with to produce these brands, which means that we have further control of our distribution network for premium Southern Oregon cannabis.” 

Nectar also devotes the blog portion of its website to cannabis education, with posts covering everything from how to avoid greening out to the history of joints and what to look for besides THC percentage when choosing a cannabis product.

Customers can visit Nectar’s locations in the several Portland neighborhoods, as well as throughout the rest of Oregon. A full list of all locations can be found here. Nectar does not offer a delivery service, but online orders are available for curbside pickup.

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