Cardio + Cannabis = Bliss

September 30, 2022
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I used cannabis before working out and it’s kind of the best thing ever

cardio + cannabis = bliss

Many of you may be thinking, “cannabis and working out? That doesn’t seem like a likely pair!” Or maybe you're thinking, “doesn’t smoking weed make you lazy?”

Well friends, as the experience junkie that I am, I decided to put these old narratives to the test and find out for myself.

Cannabis and exercise are two of my favorite things. So when I saw the Stoned & Toned pop-up event, I thought what better way to celebrate 4/20. 

Before the event started, I quickly read through Jointly’s article on weed and exercise to see what the science says about getting high and getting swole. While there wasn’t anything about cannabis as a performance enhancer, I did learn that scientists have found that getting high helps some people feel motivated to exercise. And I’ve got to say…I think they’re onto something.

I learned a couple of surprising things from this experience:

You can always do one more. There’s a state of consciousness beyond that feeling of giving up– and it’s powerful. Look, I don't know the science behind this (or even if there is any), but there's something about a weed high combined with a tempo-based workout that makes you feel like frickin’ Superwoman. Through this experience, I discovered a new version of myself. This version of me felt like a badass. A version of me that refused to quit, that embraced the burn, and finished my workout with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. 

The second thing I learned is that cardio can actually be fun, really fun (I know, sounds implausible, right?). If you’re similar to me, cardio isn’t at the top of the list of things you’re eager to do. But this experience was different. The cannabis allowed me to be present in the moment without enabling my mind to work up a state of discontent. I felt immersed in the workout, as if the workout was moving through me rather than me moving through the workout. Flowstate is a popular buzzword these days and I’ve got to admit, for me, this experience checked that box. 

The final verdict: I’ll never do cardio without cannabis again… 

While cannabis & cardio might not be for everyone, one thing is for certain: I’ll probably never perform any cardiovascular activities without the aid of cannabis again. After such a great experience, why would I?

Right now, when the world feels a little uncertain, it’s nice to discover a practice that makes you feel good. For me, this was a grounding experience & I will certainly be back for more.

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