Conversations in Canna-Business: Delivered Inc Delivery Service Edition

April 30, 2024
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Interview with Eddy Twal, Delivered, Inc.

Jointly sat down with Eddy Twal, CMO & Co-Founder of the Central Massachusetts cannabis delivery operator Delivered Inc., to get his perspective on the industry, his business, and his journey with cannabis. 

What is your personal relationship with cannabis?

Eddy: My relationship with cannabis started within the legacy market as a means to help my family with an additional source of income. As a minority, it has been a goal to break down the stigma of Cannabis for both the older/younger generations through education. I've seen firsthand the benefits of Cannabis for those affected with severe medical conditions like members of my family, many of whom were prescribed high-dose heavy medication. Cannabis as an alternative really helped give them relief and ease their conditions. As an athlete, it's helped me in both my mental and physical recovery. Today I believe Cannabis is a vehicle to help myself and other minorities build generational wealth and provide growth to underserved communities.

What do you wish more people knew about cannabis?

Eddy: I wish people knew how difficult it is to build a cannabis organization. I wish people knew how much sacrifice, hours, and unbreakable determination it takes to build, run, and operate a business within this industry. I wish they knew about all the regulatory challenges we face compared to other industries. Even though it appears that sudden progress is being made it has been decades in the making. I wish more people knew about the benefits of cannabis and Health and Wellness and that it isn't the drug that has been demonized by the government/media but the natural remedy like mint that should be used responsibly to soothe and heal.

In your own words, describe what makes Delivered, Inc unique. 

Eddy: Delivered, Inc is unique to its core. We are minority-owned & operated and the only dedicated cannabis Home Delivery Operator in Central Massachusetts. Plus, we are a lean team (probably the smallest operating team in MA), a group of self-starters with plenty of drive & deep roots in our communities. Our growth comes from the meaningful human relationships we cultivate with our customer base & partners. We love hearing how our customers with disabilities and transportation challenges truly benefit from our service.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the cannabis industry?

Eddy: The people. Cannabis unites people from all walks of life and backgrounds who share a common goal- to heal, educate, and build a community. People in the industry are some of the most unique, creative, & talented in the world. In addition, because we are a small team, I am still doing a lot of cannabis deliveries myself. This allows me to meet new people every day.

What are you most excited about this partnership with Jointly?

Eddy: Jointly is exciting because they give users a personalized approach to their cannabis shopping needs. At Delivered, Inc we pride ourselves in the customer experience. We strive to provide tailored recommendations based on their needs so having a platform that learns habits and trends and gives personalized recommendations will take our business to the next level.

What makes the Massachusetts cannabis market unique?

Eddy: This state breeds hustlers, go-getters, & champions on every level. Massachusetts has an undoubtedly loyal customer base so if you earn their respect and build trust you will have them for life. Each region of the state is unique and so is its customer base.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Eddy: Cannabis home delivery is legal in Massachusetts!!! Adults over 21 throughout Massachusetts are now able to have cannabis Delivered straight to their door. This is a game changer for the cannabis recreational market. Visit to place your order and try our fast, safe, & convenient service. 

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