How To Know If My Cannabis Is Good Quality

September 30, 2022
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How to know if your weed is good quality

If you're like most cannabis users, you probably want to make sure you are using high-quality cannabis. When it comes to quality, cannabis can be divided into three categories: top-shelf, mid-shelf, and bottom-shelf. So, how can you tell if you have good weed? 

It all comes down to how it looks and smells. But how can you know if your weed is good quality just by look and smell? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll teach you how to determine the quality of your weed based on its appearance and smell. 

What is reggie weed?

Bottom-shelf cannabis, often referred to as "reggie," short for "regular," is typically the lowest quality and cheapest cannabis you can buy. You can often spot "reggie" weed by sight . In general, 'Reggie' is the least trimmed and aesthetic cannabis, and frequently contains stems and seeds. Unlike other strains with higher potency, the buds are not dense and covered in fewer trichomes. 

These buds have leaves that are characterized by their dark, dull greenish-brown color. Many seeds and stems can be found on them. In general, they smell as bad as they look. The buds feel dusty and dry, and if squeezed too hard, they flake. Additionally, while top-quality weed will be covered in trichomes, reggie is usually devoid of these sticky crystals.

The old smell test can be used to determine the quality of your cannabis. Reggie weed has the mildest scent of all the plant species and is most often associated with grassy or haylike odors. 

If cannabis smells musty - as if it had been stored somewhere damp and dark - it's not fit for consumption. Likewise, anything that smells “chemically” is not fit for consumption. Your nose is one of the best ways to tell if your cannabis is safe to consume.

What is "mids weed" or mid-grade cannabis?

Often called "mids," mid-grade cannabis has good qualities, but it's not as good as top-shelf. If you’re a newbie in the market looking for a high quality cannabis, you may wonder, “what does mid weed look like?”

In mid-shelf cannabis, the buds aren't as well trimmed as they are in higher-grade cannabis, but they're still dense, and there should be minimal stems and seeds. Unlike the top-shelf strains, mid-grade weed has a less frosty appearance. Mids are quite similar to luxury strains but fall short in all quality categories. A proper comparison of mids and dank buds focuses on the vibrancy of the bud.

Compared to reggie, mid-grade marijuana has a more aromatic smell, making it more appealing. Crushing these buds enhances their scent, but they don't have the same intensity as dank weed. There are many types of cannabis, but almost all have earthy or woody notes that complement the flavor. Mid-grade cannabis has a slightly harsher taste than top-shelf cannabis. The taste is still relatively smooth, but not as sweet.

Since mid-grade weed contains a higher concentration of THC, the effects are stronger than reggie. It is best to purchase mid-grade marijuana if you are looking for excellent cannabis at a lower price. This marijuana meets all the criteria that cannabis lovers crave. You get gorgeous buds that taste great and smell fantastic, and mimic the effects of dank strains. This grade of cannabis is ideal for sharing at a social event with a large group of people. 

What is loud weed or dank weed?

In general, top-shelf cannabis, commonly referred to as "dank" or "loud," is the most expensive and highest quality cannabis available. "Loud" cannabis has a very strong, pungent smell that is often described as skunky, piney, or earthy. These are the strains that set the standard. It is the best cannabis out there. It's usually very well trimmed, with no visible stems or seeds. This plant has dense, frosty buds that are covered in trichomes. Most strains are multicolored and have dense, bright buds. Genetics and cultivation are top-notch, so seeds come from quality sources.

Oftentimes, growers use organic or premium soil and sometimes even regenerative agricultural methods to grow top-shelf cannabis. 

“Loud” weed has a high THC level, reaching as high as 30% in some cases. They often have fantastic aromas and exude a delicious fragrance.

The effects of “dank” weed last longer and are more intense.

How to know if my weed is good quality

Many new cannabis consumers search, “how to know if my weed is good quality?” An easy way to tell how good weed is to try it. The ideal cannabis should have just the right amount of moisture so that it is not too wet, not too dry, and not too sticky. 

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