Jointly Wellness Leader: Tanya Kapuy

September 30, 2022
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Tanya Kamali’iwahine Kapuy is a cannabis wellness advocate, a student, a Lupus patient who uses cannabis to manage her symptoms, and a grassroots activist in her community.Jointly Wellness Leader: Tanya Kapuy Tanya started her Instagram @irie_sweety to break the stigma surrounding cannabis. Tanya defines “irie” as “to be at total peace with your current state of being.” Cannabis gets her irie. Through her Instagram platform, Tanya wants to show people that you can be a productive member of society, a great mother, intellectually invested in your community, and smoke weed every day. Tanya typifies this idea as a medical cannabis patient who is also a student, a mother to three children, and a mental health and wellness affiliate at the Samaritan Counseling Center in Honolulu. In her undergraduate studies, Tanya plans to incorporate surveys and research on cannabis into her work in the field of Human Development and Family Studies. On top of all that, Tanya participates in a think tank that innovates solutions to address the Waikiki community’s economic needs “using indigenous concepts of biomimicry.” Tanya is a true cannabis advocate who understands the importance of grassroots activism to end the stigma around cannabis. Tanya wrote a testimony advocating for more qualified health conditions to be added to Hawaii’s medical cannabis program and then attended the public hearing to voice her support. Additionally, she has written letters to her Congressional representatives urging them to support statewide legalization. Tanya began using medical cannabis to manage her Lupus symptoms and she has been able to significantly reduce her prescription drug use—something she had wanted to do for a long time. Living with a chronic illness has taught Tanya a lot about how to manage her pain and symptoms with cannabis and she shares what she has learned through her online platform. On Instagram, Tanya is an active member of the #cannamomgang, Lupus community where she shares her firsthand experiences with cannabis, Lupus, and motherhood. Tanya shares what routines, strains and products she uses to manage her symptoms and she helps other mothers and Lupus patients feel comfortable discussing cannabis medicine.Jointly Wellness Leader: Tanya Kapuy Tanya also finds cannabis helps her deal with the stress associated with parenting. As Tanya likes to say, “Parenting is hard, stressful and there is no rule book.” There is a significant stigma against parents who use cannabis to manage their stress and anxiety. As a cannabis advocate, Tanya wants people to understand that you can be a responsible parent and consume cannabis. After she completes her studies, Tanya plans to expand her online presence with a website that will include personal blog posts as well as cannabis news and information so that she can continue to help people with her personal journey. As a Jointly Wellness Leader, Tanya hopes to share her experience with cannabis with more people so that they can improve their health and wellbeing with plant medicine. By sharing her experiences as a medical cannabis patient and engaging in grassroots activism, Tanya is directly working to end the stigma around cannabis. We thank Tanya for her hard work, we are grateful that she shared her story with us, and we are honored to be able to amplify her voice and help more people discover purposeful cannabis consumption. 

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