Jointly Data: THC And CBD Are Better Together

April 14, 2023
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THC and CBD: Better Together

In the wake of the massive spike in cannabis cultivation focused on hemp products — those containing less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC — a huge range of CBD-based products have become available even in states where marijuana remains illegal. 

Proponents of CBD value its ability to help address problems like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain without the intoxicating effects associated with THC.

CBD flower is also relatively cheap — priced on average at $265 per pound, whereas THC flower is priced at $986 per pound — and can help stretch your stash of THC flower while also mitigating some of the common side effects of consuming THC on its own. 

Jointly users have been diving into the world of CBD/THC mixtures, and the results of their reported experiences are an important step to understanding how these mixtures can help you optimize your cannabis consumption experience. If you want to buy legal cannabis products, try shopping with Jointly's online cannabis marketplace to purchase legal cannabis products such as CBD, CBN, and more and have them shipped discreetly to your door!

Mixing THC and CBD could enhance your experience

Despite what adherents of consuming THC and CBD separately might believe, Jointly users’ self-reported data shows that mixing the two cannabinoids is not likely to have a huge impact on whether or not a specific consumption-related goal is met. 

For example, average user ratings from those looking to relax and refresh deviate by only 0.1 on a scale of one to ten — regardless of the CBD:THC ratio consumed. Average ratings of those looking to relieve everyday stress are similarly close in value, ranging only from 6.3 to 6.6.

Jointly Data: THC And CBD Are Better TogetherThere are a couple of notable exceptions to this trend. The first is the goal of easing everyday pain, with Jointly users reporting their lowest average ratings when mixing CBD and THC evenly (5.7/10) and highest when using just a little bit more THC than CBD (7/10). 

The second exception is for users looking to improve their sleep. Similarly to the users focused on easing everyday pain, the highest-ratings came from mixing just a bit of CBD with THC (7.4/10), in comparison to Jointly users who used exclusively one cannabinoid or the other, as well as users who mixed the two evenly (all rated 7/10).

It’s worth noting that THC products received a significantly lower average rating (6.3/10) than products with THC and CBD together.

CBD can offset THC’s side-effects

According to Jointly user reports, many side effects commonly experienced as a result of consuming THC on its own (red eyes, paranoia, greening out, etc.) can be reduced by introducing CBD. 

In fact, according to the user reports detailed on the chart below, the drop in side effects from introducing CBD into the mix can be drastic. When THC is the dominant or only cannabinoid present, users report no side effects during only 26 to 28 percent of their cannabis experiences. That number jumps to about 40 percent in even mixtures, in CBD-dominant mixtures, and when consuming CBD on its own.

Jointly Data: THC And CBD Are Better Together

Jointly users generally report infrequent side effects from using CBD on its own, and mixing CBD with THC seems to decrease the likelihood of side effects regardless of the ratio of CBD to THC used. 

Most notably, THC-dominant mixtures (i.e., less than half of the mixture is CBD) seem to drastically decrease the likelihood that you’d experience a case of the munchies, with users reporting that they experienced this side effect only 27 percent of the time while using this ratio. In comparison, users who consumed THC on its own report feeling the munchies during 39 percent of their cannabis consumption experiences.

A more even mixture of CBD and THC seems potentially helpful for those prone to experiencing disorientation or dizziness when consuming just THC or a THC-dominant mixture, bringing the frequency of those side effects down to just 6 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

As more and more people turn to CBD to enhance their cannabis experience, Jointly Matches offers a wide selection of high-quality CBD products that can complement your THC flower and help you achieve the right balance to achieve your goals. From CBD tinctures and topicals to edibles, our online store has everything you need to optimize your cannabis consumption experience.

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