Ease Everyday Pain: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

September 26, 2023
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Which factors have the great impact on Ease Everyday Pain?

Have you ever wondered which factors are most important for the goal Ease Everyday Pain? Jointly’s data science team has reviewed anonymously collected user reports to help the Jointly community help itself.

The insights below should be read as a starting point for refining your own experiences. Your endocannabinoid system is unique to you. With that in mind, let’s dive into the top factors that impact Jointly users' experiences when using cannabis to Ease Everyday Pain.

Ease Everyday Pain: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

The specific product you choose has the greatest impact on whether or not you are getting the pain relief you are after. We have a Jointly data article that shows how the cannabis product you choose can have as much as a 40-57% impact on whether or not you are achieving your goal. Beyond the product you choose, there are three factors that have a significant impact on the goal Ease Everyday Pain: dose, product type, and quality of diet. 


Jointly users use relatively high doses of CBD and THC for pain relief, with slightly more users reporting success with CBD than any other cannabinoid.

Jointly users who used CBD reported an average rating of 8.45 for doses between 10mg and 20mg, and an average rating of 8.18 for doses higher than 20mg. THC users reported an average rating of 8.1 for doses between 30mg and 50mg.

A small group of users reported struggling to meet their pain relief goals with products that feature Delta-8 THC (average Rating of 5.97) which, as Jointly described in What is Delta-8 THC?, is “a hot new psychoactive cannabinoid that can be widely bought at gas stations and head shops across the country — including in states that do not have recreational marijuana laws.” 

Delta-8 THC is slightly less potent than the Delta-9 THC. Based on Jointly data, if your goal is to ease aches and pains, we suggest seeking out products featuring CBD or Delta-9 THC instead of Delta-8 THC.

While higher cannabinoid doses may be useful for pain relief, please note that too high of a THC dose (can trigger anxiety and side effects like greening out that could offset any pain relief benefits. To find the right dose of cannabis for your goals, we recommend microdosing with different doses and reporting your results in the Jointly app.

Product type

Different cannabis product types are effective for pain relief. Topical cannabis products are popular with Jointly users looking to Ease Everyday Pain, with nearly a third of surveyed users reporting success when using topical products (average rating of 8.08). 

While inhalation and oral ingestion remain widely used cannabis ingestion methods, cannabis-infused topical creams and ointments have become increasingly common in recent years. These topical products can provide pain relief without the potential health risks of inhalation or the intoxicating effects of THC.

If you’re curious about the benefits of topical cannabis products but can’t find topical product options at your local dispensary, consider taking the DIY approach and making your own cannabis lotion at home. 

Diet quality

About a quarter of surveyed Jointly users report the quality of their diet has a major impact on their experience when using cannabis to Ease Everyday Pain. Specifically, Jointly users find significantly more consistent success when eating a nutritious, healthy diet. 

A small group of users reports that poor diet quality has a negative impact on their experience for Ease Everyday Pain, resulting in an average rating of 5.93. 

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your diet, it's easy to incorporate cannabis companion foods like fish, broccoli, or avocado into a healthy diet. 

Eating healthy and nutritious food is an essential part of treating yourself well.

Find top-rated products for your goals 

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Jointly also helps you track your cannabis experiences through reflections that help you understand what’s working, and what’s not. In fact, the quality of your diet, how much you slept, who you’re with, and the time of day are just some of the factors that can impact your experiences.  

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