Relax & Refresh: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

November 15, 2022
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Which factors have the biggest impact on Relax & Refresh?

Have you ever wondered which factors are most important for Relax and Refresh? Jointly’s data science team has reviewed anonymously collected user reports to help the Jointly community help itself.

As always, remember that your endocannabinoid system is unique to you. The insights below should be read as a starting point for refining your own experiences. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into the top factors that impact Jointly users' experiences when using cannabis to relax. Here’s a bar graph to show how much of an impact different factors have on the goal Relax & Refresh

Relax & Refresh: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

The specific product you choose has the greatest impact on Relaxation. We have a Jointly data article that shows how the cannabis product you choose can have as much as a 40-57% impact on whether or not you are achieving your goal. Beyond the product you choose, there are a few other factors that have a significant impact on Relax & Refresh: dose, quality of diet, product type, hydration levels, and who you are with.


Jointly users who use THC to Relax & Refresh report an average rating of 8.47 for THC doses of 10mg-20mg. Jointly users who use CBD to Relax & Refresh report an average rating of 8.7 for CBD doses of 2.6mg-5mg.

Just like users looking to Relieve Everyday Stress, many folks hoping to Relax & Refresh report having less satisfying experiences when they use high doses of THC. Jointly users report an average rating of 5.1 for THC doses of 50mg or higher. If you’ve run into this issue yourself, don’t worry! High doses of THC give many people feelings of anxiety. Fortunately, there are two good options available to you. 

Your first (and probably easiest) option is to simply take a smaller dose of THC when you want to relax. Alternatively, take advantage of the calming aspects of the entourage effect by mixing CBD flower into your THC-heavy flower. If you prefer a more convenient consumption method like an oil cartridge, several brands have cartridges with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio that can have a similar effect to blending your flower.

Diet, product type, and hydration

The Jointly community loves to kick back with a cold one — the most popular product for users looking to Relax & Refresh was drinkables with an average rating of 7.91! 

One benefit to drinkable cannabis products is discretion and easy control over dosage. Cannabis-infused beverages can also be an easy alternative to alcohol. Plus, unlike edibles, drinkables tend to kick in quickly, leaving less of a chance for you to unwittingly go overboard with your dosage.

Generally speaking, it’s important to maintain a good diet and stay hydrated to help manage stress and anxiety. Plus, eating well and consistently helps support your endocannabinoid system. So why not relax with a meal to go with your cannabis-infused beverage? We recommend checking out companion foods like broccoli and fish. Or, for a sweet treat, try cannabis-infused hot chocolate or a bhang lassi!

Who you’re with

About seven percent of surveyed users report the presence of one particular group as having a negative impact on their Relaxation experience: children. 

Users who reported consuming cannabis and then interacting with children gave those experiences an average 6.58 rating.

We’re not here to advise on the ethics of being high around your or someone else’s kids. Let’s leave it at this: be safe, be respectful, and be aware of your surroundings (especially if you’re smoking). Most importantly: be absolutely sure to keep any cannabis-infused goodies out of reach of youngsters who could mistake an edible for a standard cannabis-free treat. 

If the kids in your life are at the right age, check out our handy guide on how to talk to your kids about cannabis

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