Improve Your Sleep: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

November 15, 2022
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Which factors are most important for the goal Improve Your Sleep?

Have you ever wondered which factors are most important for the goal of Improve Sleep? Jointly’s data science team has reviewed a number of anonymously collected user reports to help the Jointly community help itself.

As always, remember that your endocannabinoid system is unique to you. The insights below should be read as a starting point for refining your own experiences. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into the top factors that impact Jointly users' experiences when using cannabis to Improve Your Sleep.

Here’s a bar graph to show how much of an impact different factors have on the goal Improve Sleep:

Improve Your Sleep: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

The specific product you choose has the greatest impact on Improve Your Sleep. We have a Jointly data article that shows how the cannabis product you choose can have as much as a 40-57% impact on whether or not you are achieving your goal. Beyond the product you choose, there are a few other factors that have a significant impact on Improve Sleep such as dose, stomach fullness, quality of diet, exercise, and how much sleep you got last night.


The majority of Jointly users who found success when using cannabis to improve their sleep report consuming relatively low doses of THC, giving their low dose experiences an average rating of 7.59.

Novice users in particular should remember that too high of a THC dose can trigger anxiety and other cannabis side effects that could keep you awake instead of helping you sleep better. To find the perfect cannabis dose for you, we recommend microdosing and reporting how different doses affect you on the Jointly app.

Just under a quarter of surveyed users reported that a low dose of CBD actually had a negative impact on the quality of their sleep, resulting in an average rating of 5.39 for these experiences. As Jointly discussed in Cannabis for Sleep, CBD has been reported to have "wake-promoting" effects. 

If you prefer to combine THC and CBD products when consuming cannabis but your primary goal is to improve the quality of your sleep, we recommend experimenting with different THC to CBD ratios to find what works for you.

Diet quality and stomach fullness

About a fifth of surveyed Jointly users report that the quality of their diet impacted whether or not a cannabis product helped them Improve Sleep. A smaller group reported that consuming cannabis on an empty stomach negatively impacted their experience, reporting an average rating of 6.31. 

Anyone who has sat back after a large meal with a feeling of fullness in their stomach can attest to the sleepiness that can accompany this feeling. Jointly users who used cannabis on a full stomach reported an average rating of 7.43 for Improve Sleep. 

A significant number of cannabis consumers also use cannabis with the intention of stimulating their appetite. If you’re struggling to make sure you eat a healthy diet, we suggest experimenting with how cannabis can improve your diet and, by extension, your sleep quality and overall wellness. 

Exercise and sleep

Consuming cannabis before exercise consistently improved sleep for about 10 percent of surveyed Jointly users, who reported an average rating of 7.41.

Jointly users who use cannabis before exercise reported a positive impact on their sleep. While we might not be able to credit cannabis outright for this improvement, given the positive impact of exercise on mood and sleep quality when used on its own, we do encourage users to experiment with using cannabis before, during, or after different activities to find out what works best for them.

Users also report that a lack of sleep — five hours or less — had a negative impact on whether a cannabis product helped them sleep (an average rating of 6.23). Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have an impact on sleep architecture and quality during the following nights.

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