Relieve Everyday Stress: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

November 15, 2022
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Which factors have the biggest impact on Relieve Everyday Stress?

Have you ever wondered which factors are most important for the goal Relieve Everyday Stress? Jointly’s data science team has reviewed a number of anonymously collected user reports to help the Jointly community help itself.

As always, remember that your endocannabinoid system is unique to you. The insights below should be read as a starting point for refining your own experiences. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into the top factors that impact Jointly users' experiences when using cannabis to relax. Here’s a bar graph to show how much of an impact different factors have on the goal Relieve Everyday Stress:

Relieve Everyday Stress: The Most Impactful Factors To Track

The specific product you choose has the greatest impact on Relieve Daily Stress. We have a Jointly data article that shows how the cannabis product you choose can have as much as a 40-57% impact on whether or not you are achieving your goal. 

Beyond the product you choose, there are a few other factors that have a significant impact on Relieve Everyday Stress: product type, quality of diet, hydration levels, dose, and who you are with.

Diet, hydration, and product type

Jointly users report having their best results for Relieve Everyday Stress when they have maintained a great diet (average rating of 7.99) or kept themselves fully hydrated (average rating of 7.20). 

The majority of users who found success when using cannabis to Relieve Everyday Stress chose a cannabis-infused beverage as their ingestion method, giving their experiences an average rating of 7.34. As we’ve noted elsewhere, cannabis-infused beverages may kick in faster than other edibles.


Just like with users looking to Relax & Refresh, a portion of Jointly users report having negative experiences at higher doses. Jointly users who used 50mg or more of THC reported an average rating of 6.29 for Relieve Everyday Stress. 

If you’ve run into this issue yourself, don’t worry! High doses of THC give lots of people feelings of anxiety. Fortunately, there are two easy solutions. 

Your first (and probably easiest) option is to simply lower your THC dose when you want to relieve stress. Remember that dose is one of the most important factors impacting your experience. Alternatively, take advantage of the calming aspects of the entourage effect by mixing CBD flower into your THC-heavy flower. If you prefer a more convenient consumption method like an oil cartridge, several brands have cartridges with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio that can have a similar effect to blending your flower.

Who you’re with

Two social groups had notable negative impacts on Jointly users when it came time to Relieve Everyday Stress: kids (6.30) and strangers (6.10). 

When it comes to choosing who you are with when you use cannabis, it is probably best to avoid people who make you anxious. Many people feel anxious using cannabis around strangers. There are many reasons you might feel anxiety using cannabis around strangers, including the fact that there is still a significant stigma against cannabis use, even in places where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use. 

If the kids in your life are at the right age, check out our handy guide on how to talk to your kids about cannabis

How you handle cannabis consumption around strangers is up to you. Some folks find that cannabis can actually enhance their social experiences, while others find unfamiliar people or unknown environments more anxiety provoking after consuming cannabis. As always, it is best to experiment with what works for you.

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