10 Ways to Enhance Your Day with Cannabis

September 30, 2022
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10 Ways to Live Better with Cannabis

There are so many ways to incorporate purposeful cannabis consumption into your daily routine. Here are 5 helpful tips from Jointly to help you enhance your day with cannabis.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Day with Cannabis

1. Increase Energy Levels with Cannabis

While cannabis is usually associated with relaxing, many people use cannabis for energy. Some cannabis strains contain terpenes like limonene and pinene that can boost your mood and energize your mind. Look for strains with specific terpenes found in Sativa-type strains to help give you that extra boost to conquer your day.

2. Improve Your Appetite with Cannabis

If you aren't eating enough food, you won't have sufficient energy to make it through the day. If you struggle with low or loss of appetite, cannabis could be just the thing for you. Cannabis is highly effective at stimulating appetite, helping you enjoy all your favorite foods on a regular basis.

3. Cannabis and CBD Can Ease Aches and Pains

Cannabis has been used to soothe pain for at least 5000 years. Both cannabis and CBD contain gentle pain-relieving properties, but a purposeful dose of either CBD or cannabis can relieve aches and pains.

4. Cannabis Can Improve Social Experiences

Does weed make you more social? Cannabis is the perfect substance to improve your social experiences because it helps you relax, boosts your mood, and makes you laugh. One of the most common ways to enhance your day with cannabis is to enjoy your favorite product with a friend.

5. Sleep Better with Cannabis

The best way to enhance your day with cannabis is to get a great night of sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation[1] and stress go hand and hand. Sleep deprivation can impact your endocannabinoid system such that you feel more stressed out. And stress can negatively impact your sleep quality.10 Ways to Enhance Your Day with Cannabis Cannabis products help people sleep better and longer. One of the main reasons people use cannabis for sleep is that it helps them fall asleep faster. Many people find products high in CBD, CBN, or THC are highly effective at improving their sleep. You can experiment with different products or cannabinoids (and record your experiences on the Jointly app) to find out which combination works best for you.

6. Reduce Stress with a Cannabis-Infused Bath

A cannabis-infused bath is a great way to combat daily stress. Your body will soak in the cannabinoids while your mind unwinds. As we discussed in cannabis ingestion methods, topical THC products won't get you high. However, topical cannabinoids may help you relieve mild aches and pains, not to mention help you relax at the end of a stressful day.

7. Boost Creativity

In small amounts, cannabis can enhance your creativity due to its ability to alter blood flow to the brain. Specifically, cannabis consumption is associated with increased blood flow to the frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal lobes are thought to be the center for creativity and divergent thinking.

8. Improve Work Efficiency

With all the busyness of daily life, an efficient work stream may be one of your top priorities. While you may not associate cannabis with improved work efficiency, many people use cannabis for energy. Additionally, CBD products can help you smash your goals, keeping you energized and focused until everything is complete.

9. Enjoy Better Meditation Sessions

Meditating is a great way to clear our mind so that we can be more present in our daily lives 10 Ways to Enhance Your Day with Cannabisand with our loved ones. Meditation is also linked with other positive benefits like promoting concentration and elevating mood. Try meditating while high to supercharge your meditation sessions.

10. Use Cannabis In Your Favorite Desserts

Add a fun twist to special occasions and try making adult version of your favorite desserts by infusing them with cannabis. If you don't like the taste of cannabis in edibles, try Chef Jeff's brilliant method to make edibles that don't taste like weed.

Use the Jointly App to Get More Out of Cannabis

Have you started your cannabis wellness journey? Jointly is a new cannabis wellness app that helps you discover purposeful cannabis consumption so you can achieve your wellness goals with cannabis and CBD. On the Jointly app, you can find new cannabis products, rate products based on how well they helped you achieve your goals, and track and optimize 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience. These 15 factors include your dose, the environment in which you consume cannabis, who you are with when you ingest, how hydrated you are, the quality of your diet, how much sleep you got last night, and more. Download the Jointly app on the App Store or the Google Play Store to get started on your cannabis wellness journey.

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