What Are The Strains With The Highest Recorded THC Content In 2022?

September 30, 2022
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What Are The Strains With The Highest Recorded THC Content In 2022?

Have you ever wondered what weed strain has the most THC? In this article, we will explore which weed strains have the highest recorded THC content as of 2022.

What is Considered High THC for Cannabis? 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse's annual report for 2021 indicates that marijuana is becoming more powerful as measured by its THC content. 

So, just how much THC is in weed now compared to in the past? In 2003, the average THC levels of cannabis were around 6.4%, up from 0.72% in 1976. By 2018, most cannabis strains were estimated to have THC levels above 15%. 

Many strains today contain more than 20% THC. In general, THC levels around 18% are considered mid-range, and anything above 20% is regarded as high THC.

How High Can THC Get in Flowers?

The THC levels of a cannabis strain depend on many factors like how much light the plant received, the soil conditions, and the temperature and humidity of the grow environment. 

The same strain of cannabis, grown in different environments, can have significantly different levels of THC. Therefore, it's impossible to pinpoint one specific weed strain as the record holder; rather a specific sample of a strain can have very high THC. 

Currently, the most potent cannabis strains have THC content of about 30%, and up to around 34%. You likely won’t ever see cannabis flower that contains more than 34% THC. And if you do, it is almost certainly related to an error in testing. The theoretical maximum for THC in cannabis flower is around 34%, because there are other components of the plant that must be present such as proteins and minerals. 

Most of the strains with the highest recorded THC content are older strains that "evolved" over time to contain increasingly higher THC contents. 

What Weed Strain Has the Most THC

Godfather OG (The World's Strongest Marijuana Strain?)

As of 2022, the highest THC strain is Godfather OG, reported to be the most potent strain in the world. A report claims that the Indica flower contains a THC concentration of 34%.

Smoking Godfather OG will reportedly induce a head-based high which eventually turns into a euphoric whole-body feeling. Euphoric effects are felt in the body and mind, resulting in a calm, happy mind state.

Grease Monkey

This Indica-dominant strain packs a whopping 31% THC level after being carefully developed from crossing Cookies and Cream (26% THC) and Gorilla Glue (25% to 30% THC).

Upon ingestion, the high effects are felt initially behind the eyes before spreading to the entire body. The high is said to be accompanied by calming effects on the mind. 

Pacman OG

As another Indica-dominant strain, it is also one of the stronger marijuana varieties available today. Regular consumers enjoy its high THC content, which reaches up to 29%. Expect a high level of euphoria that immediately relaxes your body. 

High-quality weed is a hot commodity, and, as the market expands, growers are getting more creative in their efforts to produce buds with high THC levels. You may not have access to the same strains of weed discussed in this article, but if the THC levels of your cannabis are in the 25-30% range, it is among the highest recorded strains. 

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