Cannabis, CBD & Relaxation

Cannabis, CBD, and Relaxation

Just relax. Easier said than done, right? Well, maybe cannabis and CBD can help. There are many reasons why people use cannabis and CBD and why medical marijuana clinics are so popular. Relaxation is often one of those reasons.

What is known about cannabis, CBD and relaxation?

Many CBD and cannabis club members, so to speak, claim that cannabis is the key to quieting their minds and achieving a state of true relaxation. At the same time, there are many people who have tried cannabis and experienced panic, paranoia or increased anxiety – the exact opposite of relaxation. Why is that?

Because of the federal prohibition on the use of cannabis, the scientific community lacks rigorous, experimentally controlled studies examining the effects of cannabis. So, we, unfortunately, don’t really have the answers we need and deserve.

What is suspected to be true?

First of all, the general consensus is that, if you have tried cannabis and had a bad experience, it is likely because you took too much. If you are one of those people, but you want to give cannabis another chance, finding your minimum effective dose is a good place to start.

If you’re researching cannabis as a tool to help you relax, one of the first distinctions you must understand is the difference between products containing THC, those containing CBD, and those containing both. A lot of good information can be found in the Jointly Wellness Center.

THC is the compound responsible for getting you “high.” CBD, on the contrary, is non-psychotropic – meaning it won’t get you high. But many CBD users attest to its ability to help them relax. If THC products aren’t working for you, perhaps CBD is the better alternative. Or maybe it’s about finding the right ratio of each?

Some believe that the terpenes found in the cannabis plant could also have a relaxing effect, such as linalool or beta-caryophyllene. But, again, no one knows for sure. 

If you do a quick search on the internet you can find endless blogs, articles, and message boards from people stating that CBD products have helped them relax. Often the daily buildup of stress and anxiety can make it difficult for someone to restore their inner peace. However, CBD is believed to impact receptors in the endocannabinoid system throughout the nervous system and ease anxiety and stressors. 

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, claims are still made by brands, manufacturers and growers about how their products will help you feel more relaxed. But how do they know? The truth is, they don’t. Be wary of brands making bold claims. But also know there is growing evidence to support their claims.

According to a 2019 study by New Frontier Data, surveyed users of cannabis cited relaxation as the most common reason for their use.

Those sorts of statistics, however, should be regarded with caution. Just because a person cites relaxation as her reason for using cannabis doesn’t mean the product is actually causing her to feel relaxed. The relaxation effect could be caused by many other things besides the cannabis (or type of cannabis) ingested. Each person’s unique endocannabinoid system, fitness, and hydration levels, time of day of consumption, and dose can all have an impact on the results.

But you want to relax. And you’re wondering if cannabis or CBD can help. How do you accomplish this given the complex and ever-evolving cannabis marketplace?

Getting Answers With Jointly

Jointly is Your Cannabis Companion – a smartphone app that answers your important questions by aggregating experiences from a community of users just like you. Jointly is safe, secure, private, unbiased, and easy to use. Jointly only includes legal and licensed products from legal and licensed brands.

Jointly can help you identify the best products for helping you relax, based on real experiences of other people, like you, with the same goals.

Then, Jointly helps you learn how to use those products to their full potential. You can determine your optimal dose, minimize any side effects, and learn how the quality of your cannabis experience can be impacted by sleep, hydration, exercise, diet, and more.

We hope you get the results you deserve. And, be sure to learn about the steps you can take to increase your odds of success.

And, if you have any feedback or ideas for improving Jointly, please let us know. We’re here to help, but also to learn.


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