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Cannabis, CBD, and Creativity

Do you have better ideas when you’re using cannabis or CBD products? People have long thought that cannabis stimulates creativity. There are many reasons why people use cannabis. Stimulating creativity is one of those reasons.

What is known about cannabis, CBD and creativity?

Studies going back to 1970 show that cannabis users report having more original thoughts while using cannabis. In a recent survey, 50% of cannabis users think it heightens their creativity.

But those are self-reported surveys – and those sorts of surveys don’t exactly provide us with objective scientific evidence.

There is a small amount of evidence. According to a study from Leiden University in the Netherlands, the use of cannabis correlated with increased signs of divergent thinking, or brainstorming.

Importantly, this same study also revealed a potential point of diminishing returns. Divergent thinking only increased with a small dose. A higher dose actually diminished creative thought.

What is suspected to be true?

It is generally regarded to be true (but unproven) that products made from sativa strains are more likely to help with creativity.

There are others who say that a person’s baseline personality and mood play a role. 

For those who wish to avoid THC, but still receive possible creative benefits, CBD is a popular choice among artists. Some study evidence shows that CBD may be a serotonin booster, which helps enhance mood, feelings, and overall well-being. These believed benefits make CBD a hopeful spark to creative inspiration. 

But are you really more creative when you are using these products? Or do you just think you are because you’re using cannabis or CBD? That’s the big question. We encourage you, if you’re using cannabis and curious about its effects on your creativity, to write down your ideas – or make notes in your phone – and then come back to them in a day or two and evaluate. Do your great ideas withstand the test of time and reflection?


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