Cannabis & CBD for Mental Focus

Cannabis, CBD, and Mental Focus

To some, the idea that cannabis or CBD can help your focus comes as a surprise. A stoner? Focused? It doesn’t fit the stereotype. There are many reasons why people use cannabis-related products. And using cannabis or CBD to improve mental focus and attention is indeed one of those reasons.

What is known about cannabis and focus?

There is a small amount of evidence that cannabis can help improve the symptoms of those suffering from ADHD.

However, there’s not nearly enough research or evidence on the subject to reach any meaningful conclusions.

What is suspected to be true?

You will find plenty of people who claim cannabis or CBD helps them improve their focus. It is widely regarded as true (but unproven) that products made from sativa strains are more likely to help you improve focus.

It’s also important when considering this goal, of keeping in mind the difference between products containing THC from those containing CBD.

CBD is regarded by many to be an effective treatment for pain, anxiety and inflammation. In addition, some point to a study that suggests CBD can promote neurogenesis, improving the brain’s cognitive functions. Others argue that, if CBD is effective at calming anxiety, the mind has an easier time establishing and maintaining focus. 

CBD is suggested to positively impact the endocannabinoid receptors and promote “cognitive enhancement.” CBD is suspected to help depleted dopamine levels which may enhance memory, concentration, and mental capabilities.

Cannabis products can sometimes also contain terpenes like pinene and limonene, which some have suggested have a mind-focusing effect. Their properties are suspected to enhance cognitive function and mental concentration. But, most accept that there is a tipping point with THC and its impact on focus…the less you use, the more likely you are to achieve sustained focus. Over a certain dose threshold, it becomes harder to maintain focus.

Can CBD or cannabis help you achieve greater focus?


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