Cannabis, CBD, & Quitting Drinking

Cannabis, CBD, and Replacing Drinking

Can cannabis or CBD help you cut back on your alcohol consumption? Could it be a safer, healthier, and less expensive alternative? Should you hit the liquor store or your local cannabis dispensary? There are many reasons why people use cannabis and CBD. Using cannabis, often with a medical marijuana card, as an alternative to drinking is one of them.

Drinking alcohol is part of our social fabric – helping to boost mood, ease stress, socialize, and be merry. But alcohol abuse and consumption is also a public health problem, as evidenced by the 88,000 alcohol-related deaths each year. Further, consuming alcohol can also cause serious long-term health problems, including heart and liver disease.

So why do people drink?

Like other drugs, alcohol affects the brain’s pleasure-reward circuit, which produces positive feelings.

The pleasure-reward circuit can be hijacked by substances like opioids and alcohol, which trigger a higher-than-normal number of “feel good” brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, suppressing the levels of other balancing neurotransmitters.

Alcohol vs. Cannabis & CBD

Cannabis also affects the brain’s pleasure-reward circuit. Like alcohol, people who consume cannabis also typically experience feelings of bliss, euphoria, calm, and relaxation. But, unlike alcohol, cannabis is not considered to be a neurotoxin. Neurotoxins can cause brain cells to shrink and organs to malfunction. Also, unlike alcohol, no deaths have ever been directly attributed to over-consuming cannabis. 

As for CBD, these products are generally considered even safer than cannabis due to the reduced side effects. CBD is also commonly used for the same reasons as alcohol in an effort to relax and de-stress. However, more research needs to be done on the use of cannabis and CBD to better confirm the perceived benefits and risks.

Is Cannabis & CBD better?

Alcohol is frequently abused to relieve emotional and physical pain. A study performed on 92 patients suffering from alcohol abuse, who were prescribed cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, yielded positive results for treating both types of pain, as well as relieving symptoms of underlying conditions including anxiety and depression.

The study tentatively concludes that cannabis could be an effective and generally safer substitute for alcohol. But, it’s important to note that this is just one study. More research is needed to draw stronger conclusions. Plus, the long-term health effects of cannabis use are not yet widely understood. 

Additionally, there is a study stating that CBD has properties that may help individuals with substance abuse. The switch from alcohol to CBD could enable users to stop desiring alcohol and allow their bodies to further heal from its effects.

Are you considering using cannabis as an alternative to alcohol? Are you ready to make a trip to the closest medical marijuana clinic? Or do you already use it as an alternative and you want to have more success at it?

Getting Answers With Jointly

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