Cannabis, CBD & Intimacy

Cannabis, CBD, and Intimacy

The use of cannabis and CBD products to enhance intimacy is growing in popularity. Can cannabis help you improve intimacy between you and your partner? There are many reasons why people use cannabis. Enhancing intimacy is one of them.

The connection between cannabis and intimacy

A 2017 study by Stanford University of more than 50,000 adults found that cannabis use is associated with increased sexual frequency and that it does not appear to impair sexual function. The study analyzed data from 28,176 women and 22,943 men and determined that higher consumption was associated with more frequent sex for men and women across all demographic groups.

For some, cannabis creates a state of euphoria and calm, potentially leading to better intimacy and physical connections. Some claim that cannabis increases sensitivity and enhances physical pleasure as well. But, according to Dr. Nick Karras, a well-known sexologist, “Dosing is essential when it comes to cannabis. Consume too much THC, and you may develop a closer relationship with your couch than your partner.”

In addition to dosing properly, it’s important to select the proper cannabis product to optimize (or maximize) the intimacy effect. Lubricant-based products, specific flower strains and a multitude of capsule-based products all claim to enhance intimacy between partners. 

If you prefer to avoid THC heavy products, CBD is also a popular choice for those looking to enhance their bedroom experiences. CBD lubricants, moisturizers, oils, and edibles are all products that can be incorporated into your intimate moments to possibly increase pleasure and/or reduce performance anxiety.

In a joint (pun intended) study from the University of Buffalo and University of Houston, researchers asked 183 couples to track the frequency of cannabis use over a 30-day period. Their results indicated that simultaneous cannabis use between partners increased the likelihood of an intimate experience.

These studies (and others like them) should be regarded with caution. Experiences will likely vary from couple to couple. And sometimes from day-to-day.

The type of product appears to play a role, with many suggesting that sativa strains are best (but without evidence).

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