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Cannabis, CBD, and the Sleep You Got Last Night

Everything seems to work and feel better when you get a good night’s sleep. Some cannabis and CBD users have noted that the amount of sleep they get impacts their experience.

There are many things within your control that can impact your cannabis or CBD experience. Getting the right amount and quality of shut-eye might be one of them.

What we know about cannabis, CBD and sleep

Sadly, not much. Current discussions on the topic are mostly based on anecdotal findings and personal testimonies, making it difficult to draw any sound conclusions.

Because of the federal prohibition on the use of cannabis, the scientific community lacks rigorous, experimentally controlled studies examining the effects of cannabis and the amount of sleep one gets prior to its use.

What is suspected to be true

The anecdotal evidence is a mixed bag. There are some users who believe they achieve a more intense “high” when they are tired, compared to when they have received plenty of sleep.

Proper rest is essential to healthy brain function. Quality sleep helps reduce stress, minimize inflammation, improve memory, help protect heart health, and more. There are some users that claim the effects of cannabis and CBD are better on a good night’s rest because the brain is rested and recovered and ready for more.

Does the amount of sleep you get impact your own personal experience with CBD and cannabis?

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