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Cannabis, CBD, and Whom You Are With

Do you prefer to enjoy cannabis or CBD alone? With friends? With your partner? Co-workers? In a crowd?

There are many things within your control that can impact your cannabis and CBD experience. Some cannabis users have noted that the people they surround themselves with while using cannabis can play a role.

Cannabis, CBD and whom you are with

It has long been thought that a person’s setting (or environment) plays a crucial role in the cannabis experience. The setting not only includes a person’s location but also its relative safety and comfort, as well as the people present.

Some people get paranoid after just a few puffs of cannabis in a room full of strangers. There are also those who feel judged when using cannabis or CBD products. Since CBD’s federal legalization, the general public has been more accepting of its use as one in seven Americans uses cannabidiol.

If cannabis can make you feel a bit anxious, then being at ease with the people you’re with can improve your experience. The use of cannabis and CBD should bring enhancement or healing to your life, and not contribute to anxiety or judgments.

What can you do?

Being aware of your surroundings and related moods can help to determine the best setting in which to consume cannabis or CBD. If you’re just getting started with cannabis, your environment, and who you surround yourself with is especially important as you likely will want to feel comfortable and safe.

So, how can you measure the impact your companions have on your cannabis experience? Do certain people impact your cannabis or CBD outcomes and experiences compared to other people?

Getting answers with Jointly

Jointly is Your Cannabis Companion – a smartphone app that answers your important questions by aggregating experiences from a community of users just like you. Jointly is safe, secure, private, unbiased, and easy to use. Jointly only includes legal and licensed products from legal and licensed brands.

Jointly can help you identify the best products for your goals, based on real experiences of other people, like you, with the same goals.

By submitting reports and ratings in Jointly, your own personal in-app Learning Center helps you understand how to improve your experience:

How do you find your optimal dose?
How much time should you wait between sessions?
How does ingestion method impact your experience?
How does time of day impact your experience?
Does it matter if you exercise before, during, or after cannabis use?
How does the amount of sleep you get the night before change things?
What about hydration?
How much food is in your stomach?
The quality of your diet?
Your environment?
The people you are with?

We hope you get the results you deserve. And, be sure to learn about the steps you can take to increase your odds of success.

And, if you have any feedback or ideas for improving Jointly, please let us know. We’re here to help, but also to learn.


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