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Best Cannabis & CBD Products for your Wellness Goals

Jointly Helps You Find the Best Cannabis & CBD Products for Your Goals

With Jointly, the latest cannabis social network, you can discover new cannabis and CBD products from our extensive CBD catalog and track how well each product helps you achieve your cannabis wellness goals.

What are the best cannabis products for stress relief? Relaxation? Sleep? Recovery? Enjoying social experiences? Reducing anxiety? Enhancing intimacy? Boosting creativity and focus? Pain management?

Jointly’s Product Finder Helps You Find Products that Work for Your Goals

Use Jointly’s Product Finder to look up products by wellness goal.

You can see how other Jointly users rate a product based on how well it helped them achieve their cannabis wellness goals.

Jointly’s product ratings are always unbiased, useful and authentic. Every rating comes from real users like you. And we protect the integrity of our ratings with proprietary algorithms so that nothing and nobody can tamper with them.

Why Jointly’s Product Finder is the Best Tool to Find Cannabis Products

Cannabis has been used for wellness purposes for thousands of years for everything from relieving pain from headaches to generally improving health and well-being.

In the modern era, weed legalization has opened up the doors to innovation.

There are thousands of cannabis and CBD brands producing tens of thousands of new products. If you tried one product per day, it would take you nearly a century to try them all.

So how can you find out if a specific product actually works and produces the effect you want it to?

You could Google it. Ask a friend. Ask a co-worker. Ask a budtender at your local cannabis dispensary or store.

But you’ll get dozens of different answers about weed strains, indica versus sativa, CBD versus THC, etc. Finding the best cannabis and CBD products in a hot air baloon.

It would be nice if science could provide the answers.

But the federal prohibition on cannabis has long prevented the scientific community from performing controlled studies.

As a result, most of our ideas on this subject come from folk knowledge and personal experiences. And those can be very powerful – but it will be far more powerful when we can confirm those opinions with science.

So how are you supposed to know which formulations, strains, combinations, and methods are most likely to be effective for your goals?

Jointly’s Product Finder Harnesses the Wisdom of Crowds

At Jointly, we employ the wisdom of crowds and a little bit of the scientific method to help you identify the products most likely to be effective for your unique goals.

The wisdom of crowds is defined as the collective knowledge of a group of people, as expressed through their aggregated actions or opinions.

What does that mean? It turns out that the wisdom of crowds is often superior to the knowledge of experts.

Here’s a well-known example:

If you fill up a large clear jar with jellybeans and ask 100 people to guess the number inside, the average of the 100 guesses will be very close to the correct answer – and almost always closer to the correct answer than any individual answer.

Together, we know how many jellybeans are in the jar. Individually, we do not.

Are there people who are experts in cannabis and CBD? Absolutely. And some of those experts are probably right about some things, but they lack the data and scientific evidence to ensure their answers are correct.

Jointly’s Product Finder allows you to harness the wisdom of the crowds so you can discover the cannabis and CBD products that are best for you.

Of course, everybody is unique. To find out how a product affects you individually, you need to try it.

And if you want to get the most out of that experience, you should try that product with specific cannabis wellness goals in mind and report your experience on Jointly.


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