Cannabis, CBD & Impaired Movement

Cannabis, CBD and Impaired Movement

Impaired movement, lack of coordination, clumsy balance, and jerky and unsteady movements can occur when there’s a disruption in communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Some cannabis users report these feelings. When using cannabis doctors can be unaware of the latest information – we’re trying to provide answers you need.

What is known about cannabis, CBD and impaired movement

Cortico-striatal networks are neural circuits in the brain, and they are essential for producing movement as well as motor learning and control.

According to a study, exposure to cannabis has significant effects on cortico-striatal networks.

There are some users who value some of what this side effect offers. They enjoy the relaxing, stress-reducing, calming “couch-lock” that can occur. Some people think products made from indica strains are more likely to produce these effects, while sativa strains are more likely to be energizing. But there isn’t a lot of data to support those claims yet. 

CBD does not seem to cause impaired movement.

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