Jointly Matches

Increase revenue.

Empower your budtenders.

Save time and money.

Create happy customers.

The first and only goal-based, data-driven cannabis sales software for retailers.

Drive incremental revenue

Increase AOV

Reduce budtender training time

Consistently deliver high-value, trustworthy customer experiences

Selling cannabis just got a whole lot easier.

Here's what Matches can do for you:

Budtenders empowered

Jointly Better - Budtenders Empowered
  • Easily educate customers on the many benefits of cannabis

  • Confidently recommend the best products, backed by data & science

  • Turn upselling into a pleasant, collaborative, positive experience

  • Utilize an effective framework for guiding the customer experience

  • Highlight budtender expertise with “store & budtender picks” feature

Revenue up

Jointly Better - Revenue up
  • Increases AOV and cart size

  • Make upselling easy, and a part of every customer experience

  • Boost consumer retention and purchase frequency

  • Instill confidence and trust in product recommendations

  • Gain customers from Jointly’s community of purposeful consumers

Expenses down

Jointly Better - Expenses down
  • Reduce budtender training from months to days

  • Protect customers from the negative effects of employee turnover

  • Stock high performing products, discontinue others

  • Gain access to Jointly’s marketing efforts and engaged audiences

  • Easily implement Matches with low training and onboarding time

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Tested, proven, goal-specific product matches.

Matches is powered by hundreds of thousands of goal-based product ratings - all from real, unbiased Jointly app users.
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Customers who use Jointly:

Are open to trying new products and ingestion methods

Consider purchasing legal cannabis more frequently

Have better cannabis experiences, driving loyalty and retention

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Hundreds of thousands of consumers have used Jointly to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of their cannabis experiences. This ongoing cycle of reviews, recommendations, and insights, paired with the Jointly Method, powers the Matches software.
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