How does Jointly work?

We help you monitor and optimize your cannabis wellness journey.
Achieve your desired results more often when you use Jointly to take control of the 15 factors that can impact your experience.
Choose Your Goal

Choose Your Goal

Cannabis wellness isn’t about “getting high.” It’s about managing pain or stress. It’s about stimulating creativity or unplugging from a long day. It’s about living your best, naturally.

Track Your Results

Report your cannabis consumption and track the 15 factors that impact your experience. Things like dose, how you consume it, hydration or hunger levels, exercise, rest, and surroundings. This info is used to help optimize your experience.
Track Your Results
Discover More

Discover More

Find new ways to use cannabis to achieve the wellness goals you’re after.

What are the 15 factors that Jointly helps me track?

What are the 15 factors that Jointly helps me track?
  • Your unique cannabinoid system
  • Your cannabis wellness goals
  • The product you choose
  • The kind of product you choose
  • How much you take
  • Your method of consumption
  • How long you wait between doses
  • Your level of hydration
  • How hungry or full you are
  • Daily exercise (and the type of exercise)
  • How much sleep you get
  • The quality of your diet
  • Consumption of companion foods
  • Your physical surroundings
  • The people you’re with