How does Jointly work?
It starts with a simple question,
Why do you use cannabis?
Some people use it to relax, relieve stress, manage pain, improve sleep, or simulate creativity. Others use it to enjoy social experiences or to replace drinking. And, sometimes, we just want to enjoy a pleasant escape.
For your unique goals
Harness the power of community and technology to find the products and methods that work best for your unique goals.
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For your experience
Learn how your cannabis experience can be influenced by other choices you make throughout your day including diet, hydration, exercise, sleep, and more.
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You’ll be able to answer questions like:
Which are the best CBD topicals for pain?
Which tinctures or capsules are most likely to improve my sleep quality?
Which edibles are the best to relieve my stress?
How much should I take?
What ingestion method works best to reduce my anxiety?
How long should I wait between sessions?