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We believe in purposeful
cannabis consumption.
About Us
Be more with cannabis.
We believe that cannabis makes us more, not less. That’s why we created the first ever experience-based cannabis product rating platform, harnessing the wisdom of our community. Jointly’s platform matches you to your best products, helping you reach a whole new level of wellbeing through purposeful cannabis consumption. Together, we are creating a new way of thinking about cannabis wellness.
Core Values
We believe that purposeful cannabis consumption makes us more, not less.
We believe science improves the world we live in.
We believe data solves problems and helps make better decisions.
We believe that everyone deserves their ideal cannabis experience.
Our Promise
Rely on us for the most personalized product recommendations, the industry's most dependable ratings and reviews, and the most effective ways to get more from cannabis.
In order to ensure that every product we recommend is safe for you to use, we only work with legal, compliant, and licensed products, brands, stores, and retailers.
Keep track of your cannabis experiences without a worry—we always keep your data anonymous, private, and secure.
Our Story
Our mission is to help you unlock a whole new level of wellbeing through purposeful cannabis consumption.
While Jointly was founded in 2018, the story of cannabis as wellness is nothing new. Humans have been consuming cannabis purposefully to make their lives better for thousands of years.
David Kooi and Eric Gutshall founded Jointly to provide the modern cannabis consumer with tools and information they need to consume purposefully. David and Eric weren’t always pro-cannabis. Like many, they grew up with the stigma and believed that weed was for stoners. That cannabis was just about getting high.

They were wrong.

With gratitude to the pioneers of cannabis legalization and de-stigmatization (thank you!), they finally stopped listening to the voices from the past.

While they were happy to learn that cannabis pairs well with a healthy lifestyle, they were frustrated by the lack of quality information about product performance and the inconsistent, unpredictable effects.

Driven by their passion for solving problems through data and building businesses that make people’s lives better, they developed Jointly with the input of nurses, physicians, budtenders, and other medical professionals.

They created the Jointly Method and platform, organized around the 12 reasons why people use cannabis and the 15 factors that can impact their experience. A platform on which we can share and learn from each other’s experiences.

So whether you want to experience relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, enhanced creativity, or focus, there is a beautiful playlist of cannabis products that will help get you there. Jointly will help you find them - and help you get the results you want.

Our mission is to help you unlock a whole new level of wellbeing through purposeful cannabis consumption.
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