Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ratings


  • How are Jointly’s product ratings created?
  • Can a brand pay to remove a negative product rating? Or pay to receive better ratings on Jointly?
  • How does Jointly prevent fraudulent product ratings?



  • Jointly’s product ratings are created solely by the authentic user experiences of people who create accounts, create reports, and rate the effectiveness of the products they use.
  • No. This will never be permitted. For product ratings to be trusted and useful for the Jointly community, they must remain free from outside influence or bias.
  • Our product ratings are protected from fraud and abuse by proprietary algorithms. The Jointly team monitors product ratings using our algorithms to ensure purity and authenticity.


Our Product Database

  • Does Jointly produce or manufacture any cannabis products?
  • What products are included in the Jointly database?
  • Can I buy cannabis products on Jointly?
  • Can I view products and ratings and enter reports on the Jointly website?


  • No. Jointly does not grow or produce or manufacturer any cannabis products. We simply provide a safe, unbiased, and easy-to-use platform to our community members to discover, evaluate, and learn how to use cannabis products to their fullest potential.
  • Jointly strives to maintain a comprehensive database of all legal brands and products. From hemp-derived CBD, to cannabis flower strains, to edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals – if it’s legal, we include it on our platform for the benefit of our community. If you find something is missing or incorrect, please let us know. We’ll add it or fix it in less than 24 hours.
  • No. But on each product screen we do provide a link you can use to visit the brand for more information, to find stores, or to make a purchase.
  • No. For now, you can only perform these functions from the iOS and Android apps.


Improving Your Cannabis Experience


  • How do I use Jointly to improve my experience?
  • What is a usage report vs a product rating?
  • How do I begin a report?
  • How do I create a usage report and product rating?
  • How long does it take to submit a usage report and product rating?
  • How do I delete or change a product rating?
  • How do I view my ratings?
  • How can I discover ways to improve my cannabis experience?
  • How do I find my optimal dose?


  • Each time you use a cannabis product, select your desired goals. Jointly lists the most common goals: relaxation, stress relief, anxiety reduction, improving sleep, recovery, managing pain, enjoying social experiences, focusing, stimulating creativity, escaping, replacing drinking, and enhancing intimacy. You can also select your own “other” goal if those provided don’t suit you. After selecting your goal (you can choose up to 3), you complete your report and product rating. You can view your ratings for each product and goal to see which products and brands and methods are working for you consistently, and which are not. As you create more reports, you return frequently to your Insights Explorer to discover actions you can take to improve your results, and also to discover products that may be more effective for your goals.
  • In a usage report, Jointly asks you questions related to your cannabis session, such as your hydration level at time of use, the time you waited between sessions, your diet and the dose you ingested. These are factors that are known or suspected to impact the quality of your cannabis experience. As you create more reports, Jointly provides you with helpful guidance on how to improve your experience. A product rating is a component of the usage report. You contribute a product rating to the community when you rate your success at achieving your desired goal(s) for that particular cannabis product and session, on a scale from 1 to 10. Each report you create on Jointly is a building block. As you lay more blocks into the foundation, the value and usefulness of your own Insights Explorer grows.
  • There are three ways to begin a new report:
    1. From the home screen, touch “Create Report”
    2. From any product screen, touch “Begin Report”
    3. From your Favorites list, select your product and touch “Begin Report”
  • To create a report, follow the steps. You record:

    To get the best results from Jointly, create a report after each session.

  • Each report takes less than one minute to complete
  • If you wish to delete or change one of your ratings, email us at hello@jointlybetter.com and we’ll make it happen.
  • You can view your ratings in the Insights Explorer. Simply select the “Your Best Products.” Your ratings will be visible via the “Your Ratings” tab, beginning with the products that you rated most effective for each of the selected goal(s).
  • You can discover actions you can take in the Insights Explorer. When you arrive in the Insights Explorer, simply select “Personal Insights.” The actions that you can take to improve your cannabis experience are listed in order of their potential impact on your results. You can see how your results are impacted by the time of day, the time you wait between sessions, your level of hunger, hydration, and more. Touch each one to see how that particular factor is impacting your results.
  • You can discover how to find your optimal dose in the Insights Explorer. From your “Your Best Products” screen, touch any product you have rated. Then, touch the goal you rated it for. There you can see how your ratings have varied by dose, and also view ratings by dose for other people like you, and for the community in general.

Finding the Best Products

  • How do I use Jointly to BROWSE for the best products for me?
  • How do I use Jointly to SEARCH for the best products for me?
  • How do I save my favorite products?


  • To browse for the best products for your unique needs, start on the Jointly app’s home screen.
    • Touch “Product Finder”
    • Select your primary goal(s) for your cannabis session (you can select up to 3)
    • Choose the type of cannabis product(s) you’re interested in
    • Select your desired cannabinoid profile (if you know)
    • View your results
    • Use the “Find Stores” link on the product page to visit the brand for more information, to find stores, or to make a purchase.
  • To use Jointly’s search tool to find the best products, start on the Jointly app’s home screen. Select the “Keyword Search” button at the bottom of the home screen. Enter your search term. Then, use Jointly’s filter to narrow your results by desired goal(s) and product type.
  • Simply click the “heart” icon located next to each product listing. The Jointly app will save all of your favorite products. To access the list of your favorites, simply touch “Favorite Products” located in the lower left corner of the Jointly app’s home screen.


Privacy, Safety and Security

  • Who can view my user profile, usage reports, and product ratings?
  • Is my personal information secure with Jointly?
  • Does Jointly sell my data?
  • Only you can view your user profile, reports, and product ratings. When you create an account on Jointly, you provide only a username and email address. When you contribute your results (your reports and product ratings) to the community, other users cannot see your personally identifiable information. Your ratings will only be “visible” in the sense that they contribute to the totals and averages for the products you rate.
  • Yes. The Jointly team has taken all necessary steps in designing, building, and implementing a robust and secure data platform. We have partnered with industry-leading vendors to maintain the highest standards of protection and encryption.
  • Jointly may, in the future, sell summary feedback information to brands, stores, and researchers relating to the effectiveness of cannabis products. We will partner only with brands who want to use that summary data to make even better products for all of us. Your personally identifiable information, per Jointly’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, will not be sold to anyone.

System Requirements

  • Does Jointly work on Apple iOS and Android?
  • How do I provide suggestions for improving Jointly?
  • Yes. Here it is on the Apple App Store. And here it is on the Google Play Store.
  • Please send us any feedback or ideas you have about features or performance or usability. Our aim is to make the app as useful and helpful as possible. Your words will guide the evolution of Jointly. Please let us know how it can be better.