Dispensary Spotlight: New Mexico

May 1, 2023
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Best dispensaries in New Mexico

Since legalizing cannabis for recreational use in April 2022, New Mexico has witnessed the swift expansion of the new market and the rapid growth of legacy operators expanding their medical-only services. In this article, Jointly will highlight some of the best dispensaries in New Mexico. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so if your favorite dispensary is missing, give us a shout on social media! And if you’re a little far from these dispensaries, check out Jointly to buy legal cannabis and CBD products and have them shipped discreetly to your door.


  • 2309 Agua Fria St., Santa Fe, NM 87507
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store or curbside

Readers who know some of the science behind how cannabis works might guess that Endo is named for the endocannabinoid system, but this Santa Fe dispensary says its name is actually a nod to “90’s hip hop culture, which frequently shouts out ‘indo’, referring to high quality indoor-grown cannabis.”

“Additionally, the word Endo is a prefix, meaning to come from within,” the company says. “Our name is a nod to the songs that helped normalize cannabis, and our vertically integrated methods of business. You’ll often hear music playing in our store for this very reason.”

Endo, which is building out its growing facilities as of this writing, places a significant emphasis on unique terpene profiles in its products. 

“Terpenes are king at Endo, we believe they are an integral part of cannabis products and their experience. In both our own grows and the product we stock in our store, we look for unique terpene profiles and minor cannabinoid ratios over THC count,” the company states on its website. 

For wellness-oriented cannabis consumers, terpenes can play an essential role in determining whether a specific strain or product is conducive to achieving wellness goals. In fact, different terpenes can cause consumers to feel entirely different effects, such as increased energy or sleepiness.

Endo’s menu reflects the dispensary’s focus on integrating cannabis and wellness, featuring over 300 options for edibles, flower, vape cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls, topicals, and consumption accessories. 

Before diving into the menu or visiting the dispensary’s brick-and-mortar location, consumers looking for specific terpene profiles, minor cannabinoids, or unique cultivars should review Endo’s online strain overview, which provides details on flower from the dispensary’s curated list of suppliers.

Urban Wellness

  • Multiple locations in Albuquerque 
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

Urban Wellness, a vertically-integrated cannabis company, operates six storefronts across Albuquerque. Because the company cultivates and processes the flower for its own product lines, Urban Wellness has developed a reputation for sourcing seeds from breeders known for quality and innovation.

“Our cultivation methods result in connoisseur quality, high terpene based flower that sometimes tests over 31% THC,” the company states

“Our state-of-the-art indoor facilities ensure optimal growing conditions, with the latest technology that promotes both growth and the ability to push top-tier genetics to their limits. We are particularly proud of our in-house cure process and a gentle hand trim.”

Urban Wellness goes into further detail about the unique strains the company cultivates on its genetics page, which also allows website visitors to verify which dispensary locations carry a particular strain.

Highlights from the Urban Wellness’ selection of flower include Brandywine Bandit — noted for its ability to foster a “perfectly balanced state of mind blowing euphoria and serene relaxation,” according to Urban Wellness — and Banana Split, best known for producing relaxing, clear-headed effects thanks to a high concentration of myrcene. 

In addition to a wide selection of flower, Urban Wellness dispensaries carry a range of edibles, concentrates (include a premium in-house line of live rosin), vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and consumption gear.

Pür Life

  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

Pür Life is one of the largest chains on this list, serving medical patients and recreational consumers with 15 dispensary locations from Santa Fe to Las Cruces and Truth or Consequences to Roswell (check out their locations page for a full list). 

The company uses its scale to support a significant cultivation and processing operation for its own line of flower.

“In each of our products is a unique balance of quality, innovation, and experience. Our Grow Team has pioneered new ways of producing cannabis that result in the highest levels of quality, and a safe, predictable product,” Pür Life states. 

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do so that we remain consistent with industry changes and can continue to provide the latest products and services. Lastly, we’re an experienced cannabis producer, with the ongoing commitment to guide customers towards relief, wellness, and well-being.”

Pür Life also has frequent weekend deals, which consumers can find out about through the company’s blog or email list.

Online and at its dispensary locations, Pür Life carries a wide range of flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles and topicals. 

Highlights from the Pür Life menu include infused honey capsules (available only for medical patients) — great for discreet but effective dosing — as well as unique edibles like the Cheech and Chong Pineapple Tajín gummies.

Verdes Cannabis

  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

Verdes Cannabis, a multi-award-winning small dispensary chain, was founded in 2010 and is one of the longest-operating dispensary companies in the state. 

As part of that legacy, Verdes places an emphasis on top-notch customer service and education, going as far as to sponsor an educational “Discovering Cannabis” exhibit at the New Mexico State Fair in September 2022, according to the Los Cruces Sun News — less than a year after the state legalized recreational sales in April of that year.

“This is what the Fair does,” State Fair General Manager Dan Mourning told the Los Cruces Sun News

“Our mission is to support New Mexico industry and educate our community. And, let’s face it, a lot of people have a lot of questions about cannabis. We want folks to get solid, factual information provided by professionals and experts who have committed their careers to getting this industry off the ground in New Mexico.”

Verdes carries a wide selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and consumption accessories at its five locations (two in Albuquerque, two in Santa Fe, and one in Rio Rancho).

Menu highlights for wellness-oriented consumers include an infused lavender lemonade, which can be a great replacement for consumers looking for an alternative to alcohol at social events, and Verdes’ in-house brand of 1:1 THC to CBD ratio vape cartridges — excellent for users seeking the best of both cannabinoids in an easily transportable, low maintenance package.

High Desert Relief

  • Multiple locations (Albuquerque and Santa Fe)
  • Order in-person or online
  • Delivery available

Founded in 2010 as a cultivation facility before expanding to a dispensary operation, High Desert Relief takes great pride in its flower. Cannabis cultivation enthusiasts can even explore High Desert’s in-depth video tour of one of the company’s growing facilities, which features a hydroponic growing system coupled with sustainable practices.

In fact, according to one case study published in 2021 by cultivation facility design and equipment company Surna, High Desert Relief was able to cut electricity use by 25% through the implementation of LED grow lights and a renovated climate-control system for the indoor facility.

The company was founded by three medical cannabis patients, and High Desert continues to make cannabis wellness education a key part of its business. On its website, the company has published explanations of consumption methods and potential risks, as well as advice for dosing and a guide to common cannabis terminology.

High Desert’s budtenders and selection of CBD products have also garnered praise from the media — a great sign for new consumers looking to have a thorough conversation about which cannabis product will likely be most helpful for achieving their wellness goals.

The company’s products have won multiple local and statewide awards, and its dispensaries carry a variety of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, concentrates (including high-powered Rick Simpson Oil), 

Wellness-oriented consumers will appreciate the online menu’s effect-based filter, and menu highlights for wellness-oriented consumers include a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio salve, which can help with pain management, and the in-house Skywalker OG flower, great for relaxation and sleep thanks to high concentrations of myrcene and pinene and priced at just $5 per gram.

For more details regarding the dispensary’s delivery service, click here.


  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

For consumers looking for a one stop shop featuring medical cannabis evaluations and a full-service dispensary, R. Greenleaf is just the place. 

Cannabis has been and continues to be a significant player in the medical space, and receiving a medical evaluation can potentially give wellness-oriented consumers with more pressing health concerns the opportunity to better understand how cannabis can be a part of their wellness routine with the help of specialized experts.

R. Greenleaf’s Midtown location in Albuquerque and its location in Grants both have in-house medical professionals licensed to authorize medical cannabis cards. 

“Any patient can schedule a consultation with our staff to cover questions or concerns they may have about finding the perfect medication, ingestion methods and more. We are experts at understanding medical cannabis and more importantly, medical cannabis patients,” the company states.

R. Greenleaf has an additional 17 locations across New Mexico, and all the company’s dispensaries carry a range of flower, vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and topicals from the R. Greenleaf in-house brand, as well as from other state and national brands.

Menu highlights include the R. Greenleaf NuClear distillate CBD vaporizer — a great solution for consumers who prefer CBD-only products looking for a way to dose on the go — and the best-selling and somewhat uncommon Hells Fire flower strain, which customers have described as providing “a good, smooth high” and “perfect to wind down or [for a] a midday spark.”

R. Greenleaf’s online menu, which can be used to place orders for pickup in-store, also features an intuitive filter function that allows visitors to filter by potency and effects.

Carver Family Farm

  • 8917 Adams St., Albuquerque, NM 87113
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

Carver Family Farm is the go-to spot for cannabis consumers looking for organic flower grown in high-quality living soil. 

Living soil is a growing medium featuring a blend of soil, coco coir, compost, and other materials filled with microbes and organic matter. 

Using living soil can fuel the cultivation process by “easier absorption of nutrients by plant roots, reduced need for watering, limited erosion, and improved aeration,” while minimizing the need for pesticides and fertilizers according to the National Cannabis Industry Association.

An emphasis on a thorough process and high quality end product felt natural to Matt Muñoz, the company’s chief innovation and finance officer. 

“One of the things I’m excited about is Albuquerque has a huge microbrewery and craft distillery culture here, and I think that craft cannabis is going to be the next big thing for Albuquerque,” he told Cannabis Business Times at the opening of the company’s dispensary.

For consumers looking to try their hand at growing cannabis at home, Carver Family Farm sells seedling clones of some of the company’s own cultivars.

In addition to cannabis, Carver Family Farm sells seedlings of some common psychotropic plants to grow at home, including acacia (which produces compounds with hallucinogenic effects), and salvia (also known for producing hallucinations). 

The dispensary’s menu features a variety of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, tinctures, and topicals, all either grown by the company or processed from the company’s own flower. 

Canvas Organics

  • Multiple locations in Albuquerque
  • Order in-person or online
  • Delivery available

While Canvas Organics might primarily feature THC-dominant cannabis on its menu, this growing dispensary chain’s roots are in the CBD industry. Before opening the first of the company’s Albuquerque dispensary location, the folks behind Canvas Organics launched the award-winning CBD-focused retailer CBD Boutique, which claims to be one of the first CBD stores in the nation. 

“It was a natural decision for us to enter into the New Mexico cannabis market, once it was legal to do so,” Canvas Organics states on its website.

The founders’ background in CBD translates to an emphasis on the wellness-centric benefits of cannabis beyond simple THC levels, and this emphasis is reflected on the Canvas Organics menu through a wide selection of CBD-forward or CBD-only products.

This isn’t to say Canvas Organics strays away from THC heavy-hitter products. Consumers looking for high-THC options can turn to, for example, infused blunts or a wide range of concentrates.

The menu also features a range of flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and consumption accessories.

Canvas Organics has also partnered with a delivery service called Priscotty, allowing homebound or busy customers to access their products on-demand.

“It really makes it convenient for our customers, especially ones with disabilities that maybe can't make it to our stores,” co-owner Billy Giron told local news outlet KOAT.

Everest Cannabis Co.

  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store (delivery available in Albuquerque)

Everest Cannabis Co. got its start in the days of New Mexico’s medical-only market, and the company has only grown with the advent of recreational cannabis legalization. 

“We grow our own plants on the farm, we have our own lab, so we produce our own concentrates, we can produce our own edibles,” marketing director Jefferson King told local news outlet KOB4. “What we’re doing now is figuring out how to scale up and keep up with the industry.”

Like the much smaller Carver Family Farm, Everest grows all of the flower for its in-house brands in living soil to minimize artificial cultivation practices.

“Our hand-crafted cannabis is grown in true living organic soil that is free of harmful pesticides and contaminants, and is hand-cultivated, dry cured, and meticulously trimmed right here in New Mexico,” the company says.

The Everest menu features a range of flower, edibles, and accessories, as well as strain-specific vape cartridges from HEYDAY and high-quality concentrates from Hoodoo — both Everest in-house brands — including THCa diamonds, crumble, badder, shatter, and terpene-rich resin.  

Everest’s processing capabilities and emphasis on single-strain, terpene rich vape cartridges and concentrates makes the company’s dispensaries a great option for wellness-oriented consumers looking for specific terpene profiles.

Everest operates 11 dispensaries open in towns across the state, and delivery is available for medical and recreational patients within Albuquerque.

Best Daze

  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-person or online
  • Online orders must be picked up in-store

Founded by father-son pair Len and Eli Goodman, Best Daze is a full-scale cultivation, processing, and edible production operation with dispensaries in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Vegas (New Mexico), and Española.

Despite the company’s growth, Best Daze remains a neighborhood fixture, according to budtender and manager Andrea Lozano.

“It’s like the neighborhood dispensary,” she told the Santa Fe Reporter. “Everyone goes to it. Everyone. I’ll go to smoke with my cousins down the road and there’s a Best Daze bag.”

Best Daze sees cannabis as a medicine first, and a significant portion of the staff are medical cannabis patients themselves, according to Eli Goodman.

“Virtually everyone who works for us, if not everyone, is a medical cannabis patient,” the younger he told the Reporter

“They have a deep relationship with it and if they didn’t work for us, I don’t think there’d be any less cannabis in their life, there’d just be a lot more money spent on it. So it helps, and patients talking to patients is productive.”

While the best way for wellness-oriented consumers to find the right products for their needs is speaking with a Best Daze budtender, the current online menu is also helpful for this purpose thanks to useful filters for sorting out products suited for a particular purpose, such as exercisingsocializing, or stimulating your appetite.

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