Dispensary Spotlight: Seattle, WA

April 14, 2023
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The best dispensaries in Seattle, WA

Dispensaries in Seattle are only the latest manifestation of a long history of cannabis in Washington State. From pre-prohibition cannabis-based health tonics to today’s thriving annual Hempfest event, Seattlites have long enjoyed the benefits of consuming cannabis in all its forms. 

The city continues to maintain a roster of excellent dispensaries that will appeal to locals and tourists alike, whether you want to see some wonderfully creative glass smoking pieces or just find something to get you a little lifted while you catch a baseball game or explore the city’s museums and restaurants.

In this article, Jointly will highlight some of the best dispensaries in Seattle, Washington. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so if your favorite dispensary is missing, give us a shout on social media! And if you’re a little far from these dispensaries, check out check out Jointly to buy legal cannabis products such as CBD, CBN, and more and have them shipped discreetly to your door.

A final note before we dive in: cannabis delivery services remain illegal in Seattle, and consumers will need to pick up online orders in-store.

Dockside Cannabis

  • Multiple locations
  • Order in-store or online

Founded in 2011 to serve medical cannabis patients, woman and minority-owned Dockside Cannabis has grown into a small chain of recreational dispensaries with four locations across the city offering a wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and other popular products.

“We didn’t get into cannabis for recreation. We were here to be value-based, serve patients, and for the freedom around the plant. In order to serve these patients with the continuity of the new market, we felt it was in our best interest to move over to rec,” co-founder Aaron Varney tells Respect My Region.

Dockside has also developed a reputation for employing excellent budtenders, making the company a good choice for consumers who are new to cannabis and aren’t sure where to start. 

Budtender Chelsea Cebara is also the “city’s resident expert on the intersection of cannabis and sex,” according to local culture and events guide Everout

Cebara also sometimes gives presentations at renowned local sex shop Babeland, Everout adds. Her knowledge could prove enlightening for consumers looking to use cannabis to enhance intimacy.

For cannabis enthusiasts interested in the history of the plant in the United States, Dockside’s SoDo location boasts a unique collection of cannabis-based “apothecary items” dating back to the pre-prohibition era. 

“The history of the use of cannabis as a valued medicine was not lost, it was purposefully hidden. Rarely has a subject been under such a strong taboo,” says collection curator Don. E Wirtshafter. 

“The bottles in this collection were saved by a hidden network of controlled substance collectors. Mostly doctors and pharmacists, these specialty collectors keep their cabinets of curiosities private. They, alone, preserved this important piece of our history,” he adds.

Hashtag Cannabis & Supply Co.

  • 224 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109
  • Order in-store or online

Hashtag Cannabis opened the doors to its first dispensary in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood in 2015. Since then, the company has added two additional stores in the surrounding towns of Everett and Redmond, bringing its selection of “highly curated and natural cannabis, edibles, and concentrates” to the greater Seattle area.

Hashtag places a significant emphasis on community involvement and corporate responsibility, and the company is involved in a variety of projects with groups such as the Last Prisoner Project and the Floret Coalition.

“Social justice has always been a value that my husband Logan Bowers and I live by at Hashtag,” co-founder and COO Jerina Pillert writes in a statement on the dispensary's website. 

Pillert adds that the company is hoping to reinstate their pre-pandemic free monthly educational event, Guided Shopping for Seniors, when it feels safe enough to do so.

Programs like Guided Shopping for Seniors are a great opportunity for older consumers looking to incorporate cannabis into a wellness routine. Seniors sometimes respond to cannabis differently than young folks, and education specific to an older demographic can have a huge impact on how well cannabis helps users achieve their wellness goals.

Have a Heart

  • Multiple Locations
  • Order in-store or online

Have a Heart is a five-store chain with locations in Seattle’s Belltown and Greenwood neighborhoods, as well as about ten minutes away by car from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

For the true Have a Heart experience, the Belltown location should be visitors’ first choice. 

Characterized by local culture and events outlet Everout as “something of a flagship project for the [Have a Heart] mini-empire,” the Belltown location features “an enormous, LED-lit joint sculpture upon entering, as well as a chandelier with a quarter pound of Grandaddy Kush encased in glass.”

The Belltown location also features the most robust collection of pre-rolls and edibles, marketing coordinator B.J. Jordan tells Everout, making it a popular choice for tourists on their way to visit the Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and other central attractions.

Have a Heart’s Belltown store was also the first dispensary in Washington State to have signed a union contract, according to the Seattle Times.

All Have a Heart locations stock a wide selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and accessories. Wellness-oriented consumers will appreciate the variety of sugar-free edibles options and a selection of tinctures with many different cannabinoid ratios.

The company also publishes educational materials, promotions, and news — including notifications of Have-a-Heart-exclusive product drops — on its blog. The blog doesn’t just cover cannabis, however, and posts include overviews of the best fishing spots and hiking trails near the company’s Ocean Shores and Bothell locations.

The Reef

  • Multiple Locations
  • Order in-store or online

The Reef has one location in Georgetown and another in Capitol Hill. Both locations feature a wide range of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and accessories, all of which can be launched using the company’s mobile app.

The Capitol Hill location has been the subject of some buzz within the architectural community, catching critical eyes with its incorporation of motifs drawn from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

“Inspired by the owner’s aspirations to elevate the in-store cannabis delivery model and create a space referencing the aquatic inspirations of the Pacific Northwest, the design emphasizes ideas of transparency, and self-guided discovery while exploring concepts of immersion and underwater experience,” writes Architect Magazine.

“Bubble-like window displays bring the aquatic emphasis to the street-facing façade, which also features murals of Jacques Cousteau and an underwater scene by Seattle street artist Weirdo,” the magazine adds. “Inside, a material palette of glass, reclaimed driftwood, and concrete with sand-like aggregates completes the exploration of water and submersion.”

The Reef’s innovative spirit doesn’t stop with its unique architectural tastes, however. According to community news outlet Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, the company seeks to push consumers to “focus less on THC content and the types of strains of cannabis, and more on the effect it has on one’s physical and emotional well-being along with what kind of experience they’re looking to get out of using it.”

The Reef’s menu reflects that mentality of looking beyond THC, featuring infused pre-rolls, cannabis beverages, and edibles designed for visitors experimenting with different cannabinoid ratios. Wellness-oriented consumers focused on CBD will want to visit the dispensary on Tuesdays for a 20% discount on CBD products.

Green Fire Cannabis

  • 1956 1st Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134
  • Order in-store or online

Green Fire Cannabis might be a dispensary first, but its selection of truly heady glass is what truly sets this company apart from the crowd. 

Ranging from gorgeous — and sometimes truly trippy — takes on classic shapes to pop culture-influenced pieces that are still a step up from your local corner store’s Rick and Morty bubbler, Green Fire’s glass selection really does have an accessory for every personality and preferred mode of consumption.

Green Fire’s brick-and-mortar store — described by Thrillist as “literally the greenest weed shop in Seattle” for its emerald counters, walls, and furniture — is located in the SoDo neighborhood. Its close proximity to the home stadiums for the Mariners and Seahawks makes Green Fire a great choice for sports fans looking to pick up an edible or tincture for discreet use before catching a game.

While many dispensaries will offer discounted pricing when customers are picking up larger quantities of flower, Green Fire gives visitors the unique option to mix and match any strains or producers to get those discounted prices — 15% off for a half ounce and 20% for a full ounce at the time this article was written. A similar pricing structure applies to oils as well.

For wellness-oriented consumers looking to experiment on their own with a variety of strains, terpene profiles, and other product-dependent factors, these deals are a chance to try a lot of options for less cash.

The company also offers several other regular deals, including discounts for seniors and tribal members and a variety of daily deals on their full product range.


  • 12001 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133
  • Order in-store or online

While some dispensaries trace their roots back to Seattle’s long-running medical cannabis community, Fweedom entered the market from a slightly different direction. 

Launched in 2008 as a hemp-based clothing company and expanding into a medical dispensary just a year later, Fweedom now offers a full selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and accessories for recreational consumers.

(Fweedom also has a similarly stocked location in Mountlake Terrace for customers coming from Edmonds, Lynnwood, and other towns and cities north of Seattle proper.)

The Seattle location’s interior still contains echoes of the company’s time as a medical-only operation, according to Everout. Upon entering the store, customers are asked to wait to be called into one of two smaller rooms where the actual products are located. 

From there, both recreational and medical patients can have a one-on-one interaction with a budtender to make sure they get the best products to fit their needs.

The medical-only-era layout gives customers “a little bit more of a private experience,” budtender Farin Nishitani tells Everout. This makes Fweedom a great option for customers looking to use cannabis to relieve a wellness issue they’d rather not share with their fellow buyers, as well as for anyone who might want to keep their use of cannabis more private.

For customers who’ve already selected their products and are looking to get in and get out of the store quickly, Fweedom has a machine in the waiting room that, according to Everout, “makes a bong-rip noise (not kidding) to alert the staff in other rooms to fulfill your order immediately.”

Ocean Greens

  • 10526 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
  • Order in-store or online

Located along one of Seattle’s major thoroughfares as it exits the northern side of the city limits, Ocean Greens offers a wide selection — “over 420,000 unique barcodes,” according to the company website — of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and accessories.

That emphasis on a large selection of products has been a key part of Ocean Greens’ business strategy from the beginning, according to the company.

"We can find something for everyone," whether it's high-end flower or something for beginners, budtender Gabriel Meshesha tells Everout. The store also features a large selection of glass pieces for customers looking to step up their consumption tools, and its background in medical cannabis means Ocean Greens budtenders are equipped to steer visitors towards the right products for their wellness goals.

In keeping with the spirit of cannabis’ long-time association with cancer treatment management, Ocean Greens is a frequent supporter of the Family Assistance Fund for the Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 

“The Family Assistance Fund, which is supported entirely by private donations, helps qualifying patients and their families with non-medical expenses. It provides help with everyday items such as grocery money, diapers, child-care costs, bus fares or long-distance phone bills,” Ocean Green states on its website.


  • 3831 Stone Way N., Seattle, WA 98103
  • Order in-store or online

OZ (“ounce”) is a “local family-owned, neighborhood cannabis shop” and the oldest in the Fremont neighborhood, according to the company.

(“The lovely store owners tried to name it just Oz, as in The Wizard of, but were told by authorities that the association would be too much of a lure for innocent children,” reports Everout.)

The intended whimsy of the dispensary’s name can still be felt in the charming, helpful budtenders. When it comes to choosing your cannabis product, however, OZ doesn’t hesitate to dig into the science.

Instead of just browsing and selecting products from a standard restaurant-style or digital menu, customers are encouraged to explore lines of clipboards explaining a variety of cultivars, products, and more in detail. Budtender-written descriptions for each strain help consumers find strains that are likely to fit their cannabis-based wellness goals, as well as provide gentle warnings regarding what goals or activities a strain is poorly suited to.

“We take cannabis usage seriously, but we know that getting high is fun, relaxing, creative, energizing and more,” the company states on its website. 

“We make a point of giving our customers the most current information about products and their consumption, making sure folks understand the best practices for using oil cartridges, how to enjoy edibles safely, evaluate flower based on strain effects and flavor (not just THC), and ultimately, how to enjoy yourself safely using cannabis.”

The Bakeréé

  • Multiple Locations
  • Order in-store or online

The Bakeréé, with store locations in Belltown and Georgetown, puts a premium on quality and deep knowledge of every product that lands on the company’s shelves.

“We started our business 9 years ago in medical cannabis, serving the highest quality cannabis available in Washington State and appealing to the connoisseur in search of perfectly grown exotic genetics,” co-founder Alex Shreeve tells Forbes.

“Our customers are cannabis knowledge seekers and our team is responsible for transferring product knowledge about grow techniques, genetics and effects of each cultivar,” he adds. That deep knowledge of the dispensary’s inventory makes budtenders at the Bakeréé excellent resources for consumers looking to find the right product to pursue their wellness goals.

Alex Shreeve and his mother, Anna, co-founded the business in 2011, and Anna Shreeve has drawn from her extensive professional background in advertising sales and general management to get the company up and running, she tells Cannabis Creative.

“I had the great fortune of working for some really incredible people. Through that process, I learned how to be disciplined, be competitive, do thorough work, manage people, look at inventory management, analysis of data and not be afraid to knock on doors, ask for help,” she says. 

“And so I did that for over 30 years, until my son convinced me to do this. And I just now look back on my career, and I realize I should have been an entrepreneur much earlier.”

Herbs House

  • 716 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117
  • Order in-store or online

Located in a charming craftsman home in the neighborhood of Ballard, Herbs House has been serving medical cannabis patients for about a decade and recreational users since 2015. 

The interior of the dispensary reflects the homey vibes visitors might expect, with a cozy interior designed to make customers feel comfortable while they peruse Herbs House’s extensive menu of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and more.

“It's informal, comfortable. It has a fireplace (without fire), and a great big mirror above the mantel where a black sign advertises the daily specials in neon marker,” reports Everout.

To help consumers find products that align with their cannabis-assisted wellness goals, the online version of Herbs House’s massive menu can be filtered by the feelings a user will likely experience after using a product, such as “pain free” and “energetic.”

When shopping at the brick-and-mortar location, the dispensary’s knowledgeable budtenders can provide the same service, pointing novices and veterans alike to the right products.

For consumers looking to be extra careful about how their cannabis is grown, Herbs House maintains a list on its website breaking down which vendors available at the dispensary use which pest control methods during the growing process.

The page also features explanations of each method, including integrated pest management, biopesticides, botanical pesticides, and those that fit under the “Clean Green” umbrella of organic processes.

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