When Is The Cannabis Flowering Stage?

September 30, 2022
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Cannabis flowering stage: week by week breakdown

Are you wondering when your cannabis is going to start flowering? In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the cannabis flowering stage and how to spot the first signs of flowering. Plus, we'll answer the all-important question for growing cannabis, "how long does the flowering stage last?"

By understanding each stage of the cannabis flowering process, you can ensure that your cannabis plants get the best care possible. With our help, you can achieve beautiful and bountiful buds. If you're ready to learn about the cannabis flowering stage, read on!

Flowering stage of cannabis

Flowering is the most important stage of a cannabis plant's life cycle. It's when a cannabis plant produces its buds, which contain the majority of the cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) that are used for medical or recreational purposes. Flowering is also when a plant is at its most potent and produces the most resin.

To help you become familiar with the flowering stage of cannabis we've provided an overview of the flowering stages week by week.

Weekly breakdown of the flowering stage of cannabis

Week 1: Most cannabis strains have a growth spurt. They increase in height and increase their leaves, mostly around the colas.

Week 2: White pistils form on the female plant. These are the “hairs” that eventually turn red, orange, brown, and amber when the plant is ready to harvest. If the plant is male, you will see the formation of small sacs that contain pollen.

Week 3: By this point, a cannabis plant will have increased in size by 50% (on average) and its growth spurt will slow. White pistils will begin to form buds. When buds begin to form, you need to pay special attention to the plant's nutrition to prevent nutrient deficiencies or "nutrient burn" - which is when an excess of nutrients is provided.

Week 4: During this period, the buds of the cannabis plant continue to grow. At this point in the flowering process, you will be able to see substantial resin glands and trichomes begin to form.

Week 5: During week 5, the buds have a growth spurt and get big and fat. New buds may form on the main cola. The white pistils may begin to turn a milky white color indicating the plant is nearing the harvest date.

Weeks 6 - 9: During these weeks, a plant will be ready to harvest. Typically the optimal week to harvest is week 8 but this depends on the type of strain grown and the method of cultivation. When a plant is two weeks away from harvest, growers will flush their cannabis plant with ph-balanced water and stop providing nutrients to optimize the taste of the cannabis. The best time to harvest a plant is when the trichomes turn amber in color and become opaque.

First Signs of Flowering Stage

Flowering is a critical stage in the growth of cannabis plants. It is important to understand what triggers cannabis flowering and how to best support the plant during the flowering stage.

Flowering is triggered by changes in the amount of light that the plant receives. In nature, this typically happens as the days become shorter in the fall. However, indoor growers can control the light cycle to force the plant to flower at any time of year.

First Sign of Flowering Stage Outdoors

The early flowering stage of cannabis outdoors is marked by the development of small "pre-flowering" signals such as the plant's reproductive organs - which will tell you whether it is a male or female plant. This is the first sign that the plant is beginning to reproduce, and it typically occurs when the days are getting shorter and the nights are longer.

How Long is the Flowering Stage for Cannabis

So, how long is the flowering stage for cannabis? The duration of the flowering stage depends on the strain of cannabis and the growing method. On average, it takes between 7-9 weeks for cannabis to flower.

When cannabis does begin to flower, it is important to monitor the plant closely and provide the optimal conditions for growth. These conditions include proper:

  • Nutrition
  • Temperature
  • Humidity control
  • Airflow

All of these variables are critical during the flowering period. By understanding the needs of your plants during their 7 - 9 week flowering stage, you can ensure that they produce healthy, high-quality buds.

Key takeaways about the cannabis flowering stage

  1. Cannabis flowering stage is triggered by changes in the amount of light that the plant receives.
  2. The cannabis flowering period is typically 7 - 9 weeks long.
  3. The duration of the flowering stage depends on the strain and whether the plant is grown indoors or outdoors.
  4. During the flowering stage, it is important to monitor the plant closely and provide the optimal conditions for growth, including proper nutrition, temperature, humidity, and airflow.
  5. A cannabis plant is ready to harvest when the trichomes have turned amber and opaque.

To successfully harvest beautiful buds, use this breakdown of the cannabis flowering stage to keep you on track!

Do you have a question about cannabis flowering stages that we didn't cover in this article? If so, leave your question in the comments. We'll be happy to get you an answer!

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