CBD For Dogs: Is It Safe?

April 26, 2023
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CBD for Dogs: What You Need to Know

CBD advocates have lauded the wellness benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid for years, and now CBD for dogs has taken the pet world by storm. CBD for dogs is already a mainstay of the pet supplements world. Market research indicates that the pet CBD market will hit $125 million by 2027, making CBD for dogs a rapidly-growing part of the CBD market. In fact, a 2016 survey of 1000 dog owners found that nearly 80% of dog owners had purchased a cannabis or hemp product for their dogs. However, there are some important differences in using marijuana for dogs versus CBD. In this article, we will discuss topics like using CBD oil for dogs, using CBD oil for dog seizures, using CBD for dog aggression, using CBD for dog anxiety, using CBD for cancer in dogs, using CBD oil for hyperactive dogs, using CBD for dog dementia, and using CBD for dogs scared of thunder. We will also answer some common questions like “what is the best CBD to THC ratio for dogs?” and “how much CBD can I give my dog for anxiety?” Let’s learn about CBD for dogs.

CBD for Dogs

Humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system that plays a role in eating, sleep, stress responses, and more. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound produced by the cannabis plant that is commonly used to relieve daily stress, promote feelings of relaxation, and ease aches and pains. For more information about CBD, check out What Is CBD? Firstly, is CBD safe for dogs? A 2018 study looked at adverse effects from CBD in dogs and found that while CBD caused diarrhea at all doses tested, “CBD appeared to be well tolerated in dogs.” So, CBD appears to be safe for dogs.

CBD Benefits for Dogs

CBD has a variety of benefits for dogs. For example, CBD shampoo for dogs may help dogs with mild aches and pains related to aging. Many people swear that CBD improves their canine companions’ quality of life, and there are studies that support these anecdotes. CBD for dogs is used to treat dog anxiety, dementia, aggression, and itchy skin. Additionally, pet owners have found benefits in using CBD for dog allergies to stimulate the canine’s immune system and reduce allergy symptoms, and in using CBD for dog cancer to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Given the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD found in animal studies, it is no surprise that CBD oil can be a great supplement for dogs with arthritis. If you have an older dog, you will do anything you can to reduce your canine companion’s aches and pains. Many people have found their arthritic dog appears to enjoy life more and move about easier when it takes CBD. If you are curious about using CBD for your dog’s joint pain, According to a 2018 study, CBD can “increase comfort and activity” in dogs with osteoarthritis. If your dog is suffering from joint pain or arthritis, CBD might be the ideal supplement.

CBD for Dog Anxiety

One of the most common reasons pet owners give their canine companions CBD is to reduce fear and anxiety. Dog anxiety often manifests as being aversive or reactive to thunder or fireworks (noise reactivity). Some dogs fear car rides, possibly due to negative associations with going to the vet, or due to nausea from the motion of the car. Additionally, while there are different types of dog aggression, aggression in dogs is often related to anxiety. Many people have found that CBD reduces dog aggression and anxiety. However, a recent study found that CBD did not reduce anxiety in dogs in response to a thunderstorm sound. That said, there is ample anecdotal evidence that pet owners find their dog is much more relaxed after using CBD for dog anxiety. So, pet owners across the country use CBD for dogs with car anxiety, use CBD for dogs scared of thunder, and use CBD for dog aggression. Now you might be wondering, “how much CBD can I give my dog for anxiety?” However, the FDA has not approved CBD for dogs, so the FDA has not issued a dosing chart. Check with your vet if you want to know how much CBD to give your dog.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

What is the ideal dose of CBD for a dog? Surprisingly, the size of your dog is not the most important factor in determining how much CBD to give your dog. It depends on a variety of factors, including your dog’s ECS and what ailment your dog has. What is the best THC:CBD ratio for dogs? Dogs have a much more sensitive ECS than humans, and studies have shown that even products with a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio caused “mild neurological adverse events.” As a result, it is best to use CBD products without THC when using CBD for dogs.

How to Give a Dog CBD?

The best way to have CBD reach your dog’s bloodstream is to use sublingual ingestion. All you need to do is lift up your dog’s lip and drop the CBD oil directly on its gums. Another good way to dose your dog with CBD is to use a CBD spray and spray it directly onto your dog’s gums. Brands are beginning to create special pet products like CBD anti-inflammatory sprays for dogs. If you add CBD to your dog’s food, that will also work, but will take much longer to take effect, and much of the CBD will be eliminated in first-pass metabolism in the liver. But if food is your only option, special products like CBD peanut butter for dogs or CBD honey for dogs might be a good way to convince your canine companion to take CBD. Additionally, as we discussed in cannabis ingestion methods, CBD can be absorbed through skin into the bloodstream. So, something like a CBD shampoo for dogs could be a good option.

Pros and Cons of CBD for Dogs

CBD for dogs has many pros and few cons. The primary drawback is that CBD is not sufficiently researched in dogs, so more research is needed to determine the ideal dosing, the long-term effects, and how it interacts with other medications. The primary benefits are that CBD is well-tolerated by dogs, CBD has minimal side effects, and CBD may improve quality of life in dogs living with a variety of conditions, from joint pain to epileptic seizures. If you decide to try CBD oil for dogs, speak with your vet first.

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