Do You Know What’s in Your CBD?

December 27, 2022
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The importance of third-party testing when choosing a CBD product.

In this article, we will discuss what’s in your CBD according to recent studies. There has been a spate of recent headlines related to CBD products being mislabeled. Some CBD products don’t contain what they are supposed to contain. For example, various CBD products don’t have the proper dose of cannabidiol, while other CBD products illegally have THC. A cannabis company was recently sued by a man who says he unwittingly took THC-laced CBD drops. So, let’s find out what’s in your CBD, and how to find high quality CBD products that are free of contaminants and contain what they are supposed to contain.

What to look for when buying CBD

While the CBD industry is largely unregulated, many CBD companies will pay to have their products assayed by a third-party laboratory to determine that their products are properly dosed and free of heavy metals or other contaminants. When you are buying CBD, at minimum you want to make sure that the CBD company provides a lab report and certificate of analysis of their products. If the company's products have not been tested, it may not be a reliable brand. However, be aware that it is possible for a company’s lab report to not match an independent lab report. That’s what happened when the local news team WBAL discovered a CBD product that contained zero CBD. Thankfully, many CBD companies have been third-party tested by independent groups. These lab results can always be trusted, so the gold standard is to rely on this type of independent, third-party lab testing when choosing CBD products.

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 What ingredients are in your CBD?

Another potential issue with CBD products is the other ingredients used to create the CBD product. CBD is found in a variety of product types, like tinctures, concentrates, flower, and different types of edibles and balms. Topicals or external use cannabidiol products are popular with athletes. The WBAL TV team surveyed various CBD tinctures and edibles from different retailers in their area, only to find that many products were not what they were advertised to be. Some CBD edible samples contained harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and even mold. Other CBD products claimed to be super potent, despite containing little CBD. The CBD space is minimally regulated, so to make sure you are getting what you are paying for, it is important to use lab tests conducted by a third party. If you want to try a brand with no third-party lab test results, consider sending in your personal products to a lab.

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