How to Clone Weed

September 30, 2022
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How to Clone Weed: Jointly's Guide to Cloning Cannabis

Are you interested in learning how to clone weed? Cloning weed is a great way to grow cannabis plants that are genetically identical, giving you an abundance of your favorite strain. It’s also a great way to save money and time on growing, as clones take less time to mature than seedlings. If you want an easy solution for growing more weed without having to buy seeds or clones every time, then cloning cannabis is something you should consider trying out! This guide will help you learn how to clone weed and teach you the basics of cloning cannabis. After reading this article, not only will you know how cloning weed works but also have all the information needed to start doing it yourself today! So let’s get started!

How to Clone Cannabis (Steps)

There are two main steps involved in cloning cannabis: 1.) Take a cutting from the mother plant, the cannabis plant you want to copy, and 2.) Placing the cutting into a medium to grow roots of its own.How to Clone Weed Seems easy enough, right? But what are the details? Let's dive into the weeds together... Step 1: Select a Mother Plant and Prepare it for Use A key part of successfully cloning marijuana plants, and getting the results you want, is to clone a healthy mother plant. A healthy mother plant has no pests or mold, is strong, is aromatic with dense trichomes, and has bountiful harvests. To prepare the mother to produce clones that generate roots, reduce the mother’s nitrogen production several days before beginning the cloning process. Does this sound too technical and over your head? Not to worry! Reducing nitrogen production is easy. To reduce nitrogen in the mother plant simply do not fertilize the mother plant for two to three days before cloning. Step 2: Prepare Your Growing Environment Your growing environment is where you will place your cutting to develop strong healthy roots. To grow healthy clones your growing environment should be:

  • Clean and sterile,
  • Nutrient-rich,
  • A warm and humid climate, and
  • Full of light, about 18 hours a day.

Your growing environment should also have the right tools:

The type of rooting medium, rooting hormone, and grow lights you use will depend on your experience, preferences, and budget. Many beginners use a starter kit like the Rockwool cube. Our next steps are based on using this starter kit as the rooting medium.How to Clone WeedStep 3: Take a Cutting from Your Mother Plant To clone your mother plant, select a stem on the mother plant that is approximately two to four inches in length and identify a place to cut that has a minimum of three nodes, the place where leaf stems are attached. With clean sterile scissors cut above the node on the mother plant. Then to help facilitate new root development use your razor blade and make a 45-degree angle cut at the bottom of your clipping. Step 4: Transfer Your Cutting into Your Rockwool Cube Dip your cutting into a rooting hormone, which is like a vitamin solution, and place it into a damp Rockwool cube. Then place your cube into a tray with water, and cover your tray with a dome to retain moisture. Step 5: Keep Cuttings Humid It takes about two weeks for a cutting to develop roots. During this time you want to keep your cuttings humid. Use your spray bottle daily to spray the cuttings and the leaves with water. If your climate is colder than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, place a heating mat under your tray to keep it warm and humid. Step 6: Transplant to Soil When the roots of your cuttings are one to two inches and the cutting has started to show vegetative growth (i.e. new leaves) it is ready to transplant into soil. Carefully transplant your cuttings into soil without overhandling them then tend to them until they mature and are ready to harvest.

How to Clone Cannabis (Do's and Don'ts from an Expert)

Cloning weed plants can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you don't have a green thumb. We reached out to Chris Leavitt, Chief Scientific Officer and Laboratory Director at Node Labs, a plant tissue culture micropropagation nursery in Petaluma, CA, for his expert cannabis cloning tips.

Here are his Top Three Do's and Don't to Clone Cannabis:How to Clone Cannabis Do's

  1. Healthy moms equal healthy kids. Stressed out moms will never yield you a good clone, no matter your process! Pick healthy mother plants to start the process.
  2. Keep them warm. Clones at a cool temperature won't form roots and are likely to rot.
  3. Keep a clean environment and start with clean equipment.

How to Clone Cannabis Don'ts

  1. Don't overwater! Water stress helps push the plants to form roots.
  2. Don't transplant too quickly. When transplanting, match the size of the plant to the size of the pot.
  3. Leave them alone! Constantly fussing and moving them around will only hurt your chances of success.

Benefits of Cloning Cannabis

  • Unsure if cloning marijuana plants is something you want to try? Here are several enticing benefits to clone cannabis:How to Clone WeedCloning weed is a great way for beginners and experienced growers alike to produce more of their favorite strains.
  • Cloning weed saves about a month of growing time because you don't start the growing process from a seed.
  • Cloning weed gives you all-female plants!
  • Cloning weed is a cost-effective way to produce new cannabis plants that are genetically identical and have characteristics you desire.
  • Cloning weed is a helpful way to ensure plants grow under the same conditions.
  • Cloning weed is the best way to preserve the genetics of your favorite cannabis strains.
  • Cloning weed is like growing plants to the same song and tempo, once you know the speed at which the mother grows you know the speed at which the clones will grow and mature giving you predictable harvest times.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to clone weed. We would like to hear from you if you followed this guide. Did these steps work for your cannabis plants? How did your clones turn out? Snap a pic of your cannabis babies and tag us on social media! We'd love to see. Make sure to take your time and remember that cloning is an art form as much as it is science. Happy growing!

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