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Cannabis Column | December 10, 2020

Understanding the Cannabis Brand-to-Consumer Connection

It’s a hard-knock life for cannabis operators. Beyond the difficulties faced by any new business, the cannabis industry comes with its own set of unique challenges. Cannabis brands are federally barred from taking most tax deductions due to IRS code 280E. They have to navigate jurisdictions that have banned cannabis businesses outright. They have to fulfill mandatory and costly compliance measures related to inventory tracking and security. Simply keeping a cannabis production business operational can be a daunting task. To help better understand the cannabis brand-to-consumer connection and identify the most severe marketing obstacles that brands face, we compiled this report based on data gathered via a survey of 100 cannabis brand executives that we conducted in fall 2020. Cannabis Brand to Consumer Connection Survey results presented by Jointly and Ganjapreneur About Jointly: Jointly is here to help people achieve their wellness goals consistently and reliably through purposeful cannabis consumption. Using Jointly's iPhone app, consumers learn to enjoy their ideal cannabis experience every time by tracking the 15 factors that can impact their results. About Ganjapreneur: Ganjapreneur is a digital business journal for the cannabis industry, reaching over 120k cannabis professionals monthly. The data contained in this report was derived from an online opt-in survey promoted on the Ganjapreneur website and newsletter, with a subset of 100 representatives from cannabis production/processing brands, primarily in executive roles. The survey was conducted during September & October 2020.
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