Spark Pro AI: Empowering Budtenders To Skyrocket Revenue

February 23, 2024
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Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant: better than budtender training for increasing dispensary revenue? 

Each shift, week, and month, budtenders have the power to generate significant revenue. In this article, we delve into the vital role budtender training has in increasing dispensary revenue. However, budtender training is expensive and must be conducted for each employee, which can quickly add up considering employee turnover. 

Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant offers a revolutionary solution, as it is a sales tool that serves to train and guide a budtender in a time-efficient and intuitive way, so dispensary owners can be confident that customers are getting consistent sales experiences without investing in an expensive and time consuming budtender training program.

Budtender training Vs. Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant

As the backbone of customer interactions, trained budtenders deliver exceptional experiences that directly translate into increased revenue. Experts agree that trained budtenders provide customers with a superior experience compared to their non-trained counterparts, resulting in greater revenue for the dispensary. 

Spark Pro relieves the burden of budtender training. By utilizing our intuitive software during sales transactions, budtenders are equipped with everything they need for a successful customer interaction, regardless of their experience or knowledge. 

Essentially, Spark Pro distills the product ratings of half a million consumers and hundreds of medically reviewed, science-backed articles from Jointly Magazine into an easy-to-use, intuitive framework that guides the budtender to execute a thorough and satisfying sales experience, offering your customers the top performing products for their needs and preferences, regardless of their product knowledge, confidence, or sales skills.

Let’s explore how a comprehensive cannabis sales tool - Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant - helps cannabis dispensaries generate more revenue per employee.

Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant: revolutionizing budtender training

At Jointly, we understand the importance of providing personalized guidance and accurate product recommendations to customers based on their individual wellness goals. Our unique approach centers around the Jointly Framework, which combines scientific research and user ratings to help users achieve their desired outcomes through purposeful cannabis consumption.

Spark Pro acts as a comprehensive sales tool that empowers budtenders to deliver exceptional service without the extensive training typically needed. Here's how Spark Pro reduces the need for budtender training:

1. Authentic Product Ratings: Spark Pro is built on the foundation of the Jointly Framework, which encapsulates a deep understanding of the potential therapeutic effects of different cannabis products. Our software uses the authentic ratings of half a million people, and analyzes users' wellness goals, preferences, and past experiences to provide targeted recommendations, allowing budtenders to quickly and confidently guide customers towards the best products for their goals.

2. Detailed Product Cards: Spark Pro provides detailed product cards that tell budtenders everything they need to know about a product’s cannabinoids, terpenes, aroma, and more. Budtenders will have all the relevant information to help make a sale at their fingertips. By harnessing the power of data and technology, budtenders can educate customers and make informed recommendations that align with customers' specific needs, eliminating the guesswork and potential errors that may arise from insufficient training.

3. Real-Time Insights and Education: Spark Pro provides budtenders with real-time insights and education on cannabis products as they make the sale. Our software offers detailed information about product composition, effects, and consumption methods, ensuring that budtenders have access to accurate and up-to-date knowledge without the need for extensive training. This empowers them to address customer inquiries confidently and with precision.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience: By streamlining the product selection process and providing tailored recommendations, Spark Pro enhances the overall customer experience. Budtenders can focus on building relationships, understanding customers' unique needs, and providing personalized support rather than spending excessive time on training or remembering product details. This creates a positive and engaging atmosphere that promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction, and is in line with the shift towards more informal, personalized sales in cannabis retail.

By reducing the need for extensive training, Spark Pro saves time and resources, enabling dispensaries to allocate their training efforts more strategically and efficiently. Now that we have explained how Spark Pro can largely replace budtender training, let’s explore why budtender training is important in the first place.

The revenue-boosting impact of comprehensive training

Dispensaries that embrace comprehensive and ongoing training programs generate more revenue per employee. According to statistics from the Higher Learning LV Core Cannabis course, a mere $240 investment in training results in an annual sales increase of $3,000 per trained budtender. Over a ten-year period, this translates to an impressive $29,000 increase in budtender sales volume compared to those without training.

But what if you didn't need to invest the time or money into training and instead provide your team with a tool that allows them to sell at the level of a well-trained budtender? Enter Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant.

Transforming budtenders from novices to experts

Comprehensive budtender training offers a straightforward opportunity for improvement. Budtenders who possess knowledge of the biochemistry of marijuana and hemp, including terpenes, flavonoids, and the entourage effect, are better equipped to satisfy customer inquiries. This directly correlates to improved sales revenue for trained staff members compared to their untrained counterparts.

Spark Pro reduces the need for budtender training in a unique way, providing a framework to guide your budtenders through a personalized, goal-based shopping experience. With Spark Pro, your budtenders can grow your Average Order Value (AOV) by $25, which translates to an additional $850,000 of revenue per year based on 100 transactions per day. Let's dive into how Spark Pro achieves this:

1. The Jointly Framework for Purposeful Consumption: Spark Pro harnesses the power of the Jointly Framework, which recognizes the 12 reasons why consumers use cannabis. By prompting each customer with the simple question, "What's your goal?", Spark Pro guides them to select their desired product types, cannabinoids, and other features aligned with their interests. This framework ensures that budtenders and customers can navigate the vast array of products with confidence, focusing on finding solutions that best match the customers' goals.

2. Reliable Product Recommendations: Spark Pro utilizes a proprietary product-matching algorithm fueled by over half a million goal-based product ratings from the Jointly community. This powerful algorithm goes beyond basic product attributes, such as strain, cannabinoid, and terpene profiles. It considers the experiences and feedback of purposeful cannabis consumers to provide the most dependable and effective product recommendations in the industry. With Spark Pro, your budtenders can confidently match customers with products that are proven to work for their desired effects, creating happy customers.

3. Upselling and Increasing Cart Size: Spark Pro not only offers personalized product recommendations but also suggests additional top-performing products and categories to further increase cart size. Budtenders can effortlessly upsell like pros, navigating through chosen SKUs and utilizing features like "Best of the Rest" and "Store Picks." By curating a memorable experience and sending customers home with the best products for their goals, your dispensary can foster trust and loyalty, leading to higher customer retention rates.

4. Educational Tips and Prompts: Spark Pro provides educational tips and prompts that help both budtenders and customers make informed decisions. Budtenders can access comprehensive information about product features, effects, and usage recommendations, allowing them to confidently address customer inquiries and provide accurate guidance. This collaborative experience ensures that your customers have a great sales experience and feel confident asking about new products or product types.

By implementing Spark Pro AI Budtender Assistant, your budtenders will have the skills, resources, and data-driven guidance they need to succeed, even without extensive training. Spark Pro mitigates the negative effects of budtender turnover, reduces the time and cost associated with training, and ensures consistent, personalized experiences for your customers. By embracing Spark Pro, your dispensary will stand out from the competition, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and achieve greater revenue growth.

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