Spark Pro AI And The Future Of Cannabis Retail

June 3, 2024
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Spark Pro AI: shaping the future of cannabis retail

The future of the cannabis retail industry is poised for change, as it shifts towards a more personal, interactive, consistent and purposeful shopping experience. This trend is reflected in everything from dispensary design and layout to the style of service provided by budtenders. Among these sweeping changes, there is one game-changer that stands out - Jointly Spark Pro AI.

Spark Pro AI is a revolutionary dispensary sales tool that brings a new level of personalization and efficiency to the cannabis retail experience. With Spark Pro AI, the shopping experience is no longer just about the purchase but about the connection made during that process.

The shifts in cannabis retail can be broadly categorized into four main areas: personalization over transactional, “deli-style over luxury,” consistency in customer experiences, and a shift towards purposeful cannabis consumption. Here, we'll examine each of these trends and explore how Spark Pro AI is positioned to lead the evolution of the cannabis retail industry.

Future of cannabis retail: personalization and familiarity take the lead

The cannabis retail landscape is undergoing a significant transformation as consumer preferences evolve and retailers strive to enhance their customers' shopping experiences. A move towards more personable, less transactional interactions and a shift from luxury environments to deli-style formats are among the most noticeable trends shaping the future of the industry.

Taking a cue from contemporary retailers, dispensaries are reconfiguring their store interiors to expedite transactions and simplify the shopping process, according to a recent report. This overhaul includes the introduction of digital menus, tablet ordering stations, and dedicated queues for online orders.

One company leading the charge in this transition is The Flower Shop, which is rebranding its dispensaries in Phoenix with a focus on making the customer experience "a lot more personable and less transactional," according to Todd Grobstein, the company’s VP of marketing. This approach mirrors the transformation happening across the industry, and aligns with what Spark Pro brings cannabis retailers.

Spark Pro AI enhances the personalization trend by making the shopping experience more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. In the next section, we will dive into how Spark Pro facilitates a seamless interaction between budtenders and customers with a user-friendly interface that showcases product matches based on individual preferences and the product ratings of half a million consumers.

Deli-style dispensary service replacing luxury

The adoption of a "deli-style" retail format is another trend catching on across dispensaries. This informal layout presents products neatly in glass cases, with budtenders serving or recommending items after conversing with customers. The Blue Sage Cannabis Deli, for instance, found success in creating a familiar shopping experience that eschews luxury in favor of a "corner-store vibe."

Spark Pro Budtender Assistant takes the deli-style experience to the next level by equipping budtenders with an intuitive sales tool that enhances the in-person consultation process.

Through Spark Pro, budtenders and consumers gain access to a user-friendly interface that showcases the top-performing products from the dispensary's inventory. The screen displays detailed product cards, offering comprehensive information including the percentage match. Percentage match is a unique metric that calculates how likely a customer is to get the experience they are after - or achieve their goal - with a cannabis product. This feature ensures that budtenders can easily identify products that align with the customer's unique needs and preferences, making the selection process effortless and tailored to individual goals.

In addition to the percentage match, Spark Pro Budtender Assistant incorporates innovative upselling features such as "also good for" recommendations. These suggestions expand the customer's options, introducing them to complementary products that align with their goals and preferences. Furthermore, the Spark Pro tool provides cannabinoid, goal, and product type filtering options, allowing budtenders and customers to refine their search and explore specific categories of products that are top-rated for their goals.

The detailed product cards empower budtenders to have meaningful conversations with customers, providing expert guidance while showcasing the diverse range of products available. This interactive experience not only enhances the customer's understanding of the offerings but also facilitates exploration and discovery of new products aligned with their goals. As deli-style dispensaries continue to shape the future of cannabis retail, Jointly Spark AI becomes an indispensable asset in optimizing the user experience.

Consistency in customer experience

Consistency is another critical factor shaping the future of cannabis retail. Dispensaries are seeking to ensure a consistent, high-value experience for their customers, regardless of the budtender they interact with. When all budtenders are using Spark Pro Budtender Assistant, the personality, experience, and energy of individual budtenders won’t make or break a sale. Spark Pro provides a framework for budtenders to confidently match consumers to the best products for their goals, educate the customer with intuitive informational prompts, and help upsell products regardless of the budtender’s sales skills or personality.

One company keen on maintaining consistency across its retail outlets is Ayr Wellness. Through a major rebranding effort, Ayr seeks to create a familiar and comfortable environment for its customers in all its dispensaries.

Purposeful cannabis consumption is the future of cannabis retail

Purposeful cannabis consumption is not only the foundation of Jointly Spark AI, but also the future of the cannabis industry itself. As the market evolves, consumers are becoming more discerning about the wellness benefits of cannabis and are seeking to use cannabis purposefully to achieve their wellness goals. For example, 91% of adults aged 21+ who have ever consumed cannabis have done so for health and wellness purposes according to a 2022 Harris Poll. That’s nearly 93 million people based on a recent YouGov Poll, reporting that more than half (52%) of U.S. adults have tried cannabis.

This shift in cannabis retail is driven by an increasing knowledge of the benefits and effects of different cannabis products. Spark Pro AI is at the forefront of this movement, enabling dispensaries to cater to purposeful consumers and take advantage of the future of cannabis retail.

David Kooi, Jointly's CEO, passionately expresses this sentiment, saying, "We know the purposeful consumer and have spent 5 years serving and making tools for them. Purposeful consumers are the ones your store wants. They’re the future."

The concept of purposeful cannabis consumption goes beyond seeking the highest THC percentage or selecting products based on familiarity. It involves finding the right products for specific goals such as relaxation, pain management, creativity, or improving sleep. This intentional approach requires personalized guidance and product recommendations based on the aggregated experiences of real people.

Spark Pro AI is uniquely positioned to cater to purposeful cannabis consumers by providing a comprehensive framework that guides customers to choose products based on their wellness goals. 

Through a curated sales experience, budtenders and customers can navigate the vast array of products with ease, exploring options that align with their preferences and goals. The Spark AI tool prompts customers with the question, "What's your goal?", enabling them to select specific product types, cannabinoids, and features tailored to their interests.

By leveraging the power of half a million goal-based product ratings from the Jointly community, Spark Pro empowers budtenders to confidently match customers with products that have been proven to work for their desired effects. This data-driven approach ensures that purposeful consumers get the experience they’re after, both in the dispensary, and when they are enjoying their products afterward.

In a landscape where the cannabis industry is rapidly changing, Spark Pro AI is a tool designed for the future of cannabis retail. By embracing this shift and leveraging the power of data-driven product recommendations, dispensaries can position themselves at the forefront of the industry, attracting purposeful consumers and ensuring their long-term success. Spark Pro AI is not just a sales tool; it is a catalyst for change, transforming the cannabis retail experience and shaping the future of the industry.

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