Jointly Wellness Leader: Erica Bradford

October 21, 2022
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Erica Bradford is a registered nurse, meditation practitioner, and the founder of CannaNurseHeal. At CannaNurseHeal, Nurse Bradford teaches women how to “live a delicious life” through meditation, clitoral stimulation, and purposeful cannabis and CBD consumption. She teaches people that cannabis wellness is about getting healed, not about getting high.Jointly Wellness Leader: Erica Bradford

Like many parents, Nurse Bradford has personally experienced the benefits of using cannabis and CBD to manage her day-to-day stress and anxiety, but she has also encountered the stigma and misinformation surrounding cannabis.

Nurse Bradford works tirelessly to educate her community and break down the myths, misinformation and stigma surrounding cannabis. As part of that mission, she provides cannabis education courses for medical practitioners who want to learn how to treat their patients with cannabis or CBD.

Nurse Bradford has also built an educational platform through her Instagram and her YouTube series “Comfy Canna Convo” in which she answers common questions about cannabis and CBD. She also offers one-one-one coaching for people who want personalized feedback about how to incorporate cannabis or CBD into their wellness routine. By openly discussing cannabis, she helps people feel more comfortable discussing cannabis or CBD with their doctor or health care practitioner.

As a medical professional, Nurse Bradford is well-aware of the drawbacks of many types of prescription medications. When working with clients, Nurse Bradford’s goals are to minimize the use of potentially harmful prescription medications, to find the balance between symptom control and quality of life, and to empower people to use cannabis to promote wellness in their lives.

This past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nurse Bradford helped a client work through a very difficult period of her life with cannabis medicine. Not only was this client working full-time as a nurse, but she was also a wife, a mother to now-homeschooled children, and she had just unexpectedly lost her mother to COVID-19.

This client was under so much stress that her health began to suffer, and she began to have difficulty functioning at home and at work. Nurse Bradford discussed cannabinoid-based treatments with her. They landed on CBD isolate, as the client didn’t want any THC. Within the first few days, this client texted Nurse Bradford: she was sleeping throughout the night and she had less anxiety during sex. With CBD isolate, this client was not only able to manage her symptoms, but she was also able to perform her job and family duties without any “high” feeling.

Nurse Bradford credits this remarkable transformation as “what really pushed my focus to women wellness, especially WOC. We are told from our youth to be strong and deal with whatever comes, we are taught to believe health is at the doctor’s office only and somehow the true healing within is rarely shared or discussed in our culture. I made a promise to do my part to change this narrative. To help create and maintain a sense of wellness normalcy for Women of Color. Through my cannabis wellness 1:1 consulting or my upcoming group coaching course I empower and educate women on plant medicine, feminine power, and healthy mind habits to promote overall wellness in our bodies and lives.”

As a Wellness Community Leader, Nurse Bradford wants to “promote comfort and ease with cannabis conversations,” to empower her community with fact-based information on cannabis so that everyone can promote wellness in their lives with cannabis medicine, and to reduce the stigma around cannabis by connecting and collaborating with other people who promote cannabis wellness. We thank Nurse Bradford for sharing her story with us and we are honored to be able to amplify her voice and help more people discover purposeful cannabis consumption. You can contact Nurse Bradford through her website or her Instagram @cannanurseheal_llc.

Jointly Better - FacebookJointly Better - TwitterJointly Better - Instagram
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