Jointly Wellness Leader: Nicole Fryer

October 21, 2022
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Nicole Fryer is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, an ACE Personal Trainer, and a Certified Cannabis Consultant and Educator. Nicole uses her Instagram platform @cannafit_with_nicole to educate the public about cannabis, to normalize cannabis medicine through education, and to empower people with facts to improve their lives with or without cannabis.Jointly Wellness Leader: Nicole Fryer

Nicole has been proudly consuming cannabis for over 25 years. As a teenager, Nicole used cannabis to manage her anxiety and the turmoil of youth. She says, “cannabis has always been the medicine to keep me straight and narrow… Cannabis makes me a better mother, wife and friend. It quiets my thoughts so that I can use my gifts of healing and nurturing and offer them to the world.” However, her choice to use plant medicine caused some controversy as she was growing up and she was forced into a rehab center simply because she chose to use cannabis.

As an adult, Nicole has taken a dramatically different stance with her own children. She is a proud member of the #cannamomgang and she teaches her children about the healing power of the cannabis plant. Now a Certified Cannabis Consultant and Educator, Nicole’s goal is to normalize cannabis through education, transparency, and meaningful connections.

Cannabis has always been an important part of Nicole’s wellness routine. She takes cannabis (in tinctures, salves, or whole flower) like people take their morning multivitamin. Nicole is also a proponent of probiotics to promote gut health. She credits her strong immune system to her focus on gut health and the endocannabinoid system. As a holistic health practitioner, Nicole focuses on the endocannabinoid system, the gut microbiome, and fundamental medicine to address her clients’ physical, emotional, and mental states. Fundamental medicine refers to “internal” energy cultivation practices such as Qi Gong.

Nicole is currently in the process of opening 3 Frontiers Wellness, one of the first cannabis and CBD spas in the world! 3 Frontiers Wellness has teamed up with Social Nature and Papa & Barkley Social to bring the world the first day spa that offers THC-enriched massages. In addition to massage therapy, 3 Frontiers Wellness offers holistic health coaching with a strong emphasis on the endocannabinoid system, gut health, functional medicine, and looking at the whole person rather than individual ailments.

Additionally, Nicole grows her own cannabis and operates a medical cannabis garden. She uses her homegrown flower to make extracts that she uses in her healing practices. For example, Nicole has developed a massage oil infused with live terpenes from cannabis and she uses this infused oil in her bodywork sessions. Depending on the unique needs of her client, Nicole incorporates a variety of modalities into her massage therapy practice, from lymphatic drainage and energetic balancing to deep tissue massage and Neuromuscular therapy.

As a Jointly Wellness Leader, Nicole hopes to “educate people on the healing benefits of cannabis,” to show people that cannabis users can be productive members of society, and to end the stigma around parental cannabis use. She advises those using cannabis medicine and facing stigma from their community, “stay on your path and live your truth.” We thank Nicole for sharing her story with us and we are honored to be able to amplify her voice and help more people discover purposeful cannabis consumption. You can contact Nicole through her website or her Instagram @cannafit_with_nicole.

Jointly Better - FacebookJointly Better - TwitterJointly Better - Instagram
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