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Using Jointly | September 30, 2022

Check your Results Tracker to monitor your progress towards your cannabis wellness goals

How do you know if Jointly is helping you improve your well-being with cannabis and CBD? Use the Monitor Your Progress feature to make sure your results are improving over time! When you use Jointly, you are actually rating how well a product helped you achieve your wellness goals. Over time, your average ratings should go up as you optimize how you consume cannabis and CBD.

How Do You Optimize Your Consumption?

When you record your cannabis consumption on Jointly, you get to track the 15 factors that can influence your experience. You enter what product you used, your dose, your ingestion method, whether you consumed the product on a full or empty stomach, and more. As you record your cannabis experiences, Jointly builds a personalized recommendation engine that suggests better routines and new products to help you improve your results. Over time, you will learn to dial in these 15 factors, optimize your cannabis consumption, and achieve your wellness goals!

Is Jointly Working for You?

Let’s say that when you first downloaded the app, you rated a CBD tincture at 7/10 for Relax. But two months later, you have tracked and taken control of the 15 factors that can impact your experience, and now you rate the same product at 9/10 for Relax. You have optimized your cannabis consumption and are now finding better, more consistent success in achieving your wellness goals—that means Jointly is working!

Personalized Recommendation Engine?

Let’s say you consume a cannabis edible after work to Relax, Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety.Image of Jointly's Wellness Goals But on average Jointly users find this specific product to be too sedating for Relax or Relieve Stress, and inconsistent in whether it Reduces Anxiety, so it is rated low for those three goals, however it has a 9/10 rating for Improve Sleep. Jointly will use the aggregated data of the Jointly community to suggest products that are better suited for your wellness goals. After you begins using these products, your ratings will go up. That means Jointly is working! Jointly users who have created at least 10 reports are improving their results by an average of 38%.

How to Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of your results with the Monitor Your Progress feature. When you start recording your cannabis consumption on Jointly, the Monitor Your Progress feature will display the 3 wellness goals you selected, your average rating for each goal, and the total number of reports you have submitted. After five experience reports, you unlock the ability to see your average ratings over time displayed on a chart. You can choose to view your average rating for all goals or to filter the data by goal. Are your ratings trending upwards? Great job! If you aren’t there yet, don’t get discouraged! It takes time to optimize the factors that impact your unique endocannabinoid system. Jointly will suggest actionable advice like new routines and better products to help you increase your ratings. These suggestions come from your personal data combined with the aggregated data of the Jointly community. Keep logging your cannabis and CBD consumption, and check the Monitor Your Progress feature regularly to make sure your results are improving over time! Check out our Wellness Center to answer all of your cannabis-related questions. Remember: when you look up a product on Jointly, you see how other Jointly users rated the product, based on how well it helped them achieve their wellness goals. That's why we like to think of Jointly as a cannabis social network. Download Jointly to join the cannabis club today!

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