Jointly Releases Spark AI To Answer All Your Cannabis Questions

June 30, 2023
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LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2023 on PRNewswire

Jointly, a leading cannabis discovery and software company, today announced the launch of "Spark", a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence model designed to help people find success with cannabis through purposeful consumption.
Jointly introduces "Spark", a first-of-its-kind AI model helping people find success with cannabis.

Spark has been meticulously trained using hundreds of medically-reviewed, science-backed, and data-driven articles published in Jointly Magazine over the past five years. It's informed by the collective wisdom of over half a million unique cannabis experiences shared on the Jointly app, where cannabis consumers track their consumption in pursuit of their ideal experience.

"Spark is a major step forward in our mission to empower people to improve their lives through purposeful cannabis consumption," said David Kooi, CEO and Co-Founder of Jointly. "By incorporating accurate, unbiased, and experiential information, we are striving to ensure that everyone, from newcomers to long-time users, can trust and benefit from the knowledge Spark provides."
Despite growing public acceptance, cannabis remains largely misunderstood. Spark is intended to educate consumers by offering reliable and meaningful information, so that more people can explore confidently, safely, and responsibly. Spark covers a spectrum of cannabis wellness topics including the 12 goals for cannabis use, 9 possible side effects, and the 15 factors that can impact individual experiences.
Although Spark's goal is to educate and inform, its recommendations should in no way be construed as a substitute for medical advice or used for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, or prevention of any disease.
"Cannabis, consumed purposefully, has the potential to enhance wellbeing and contribute positively to our lives. We demonstrated this in the Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption, where we proved that the stigma against cannabis is unfounded," explains Kooi. "Spark, likewise, is free from the lingering stigma - unlike other publicly available AI models. When humans break free from unfounded biases, we grow. We expect Spark will do the same. Our vision for Spark goes far beyond its current capabilities."
Consumers can meet Spark here.

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