Revolutionizing The Dispensary Experience With Spark Pro AI

June 3, 2024
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Revolutionizing the dispensary experience with Spark Pro AI

Running a dispensary in an increasingly competitive landscape can be challenging. It requires keeping up with the latest trends, navigating a complex product landscape, and meeting the evolving expectations of customers. But fear not, dispensary owners and managers, because Spark Pro AI is here to help solve your biggest sales pain points.

For those of you who are new to our offerings, Jointly is a platform designed to help consumers use cannabis purposefully and get the most out of their cannabis experience. We've built a tool called Spark Pro to help dispensaries reach their maximum potential. Now, let's break down the common challenges you face, and show you how Spark Pro AI can alleviate those pain points.

What is Spark Pro AI for dispensaries?

For those new to our offerings, Jointly is a platform designed to help consumers use cannabis purposefully and get the most out of their cannabis experience. We've developed a tool called Spark Pro, specifically designed to help dispensaries.

Spark Pro is a unique cannabis sales tool that offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for both budtenders and customers. The platform's intuitive interface guides customers through a few simple questions to identify their goals and product preferences. Based on their responses, Spark Pro presents them with the best performing products from your inventory, personalized to their unique preferences.

The cart size conundrum

Growing average order value (AOV) can be a challenging feat. Imagine effortlessly increasing your AOV by $25. With 100 transactions per day, that's a whopping additional $850K of annual revenue! Spark Pro AI has made this a reality by empowering your budtenders with personalized product recommendations and upselling features built right into the tool. As a result, you can not only watch your revenue grow, but also observe a significant boost in customer satisfaction.

Building a memorable experience

Frustratingly, customers often visit a dispensary once and never return. The solution? A curated experience with Spark Pro AI. By leveraging over half a million product ratings from Jointly users on the Jointly app, we provide product recommendations that go beyond the superficial product details, creating satisfied, repeat customers who trust your dispensary to provide them with effective products.

Navigating consumer uncertainty

One of the biggest challenges dispensaries face is catering to customers who aren't sure what they're looking for, leading to underwhelming sales and product experiences. That’s where Spark Pro AI shines. With just three simple questions, we guide customers to discover top-performing products from your inventory that align with their desired goals, regardless of their experience with cannabis.

Revolutionizing The Dispensary Experience With Spark Pro AI

Simplifying onboarding and use

With Spark Pro budtender assistant, onboarding your budtenders is a breeze. The platform is intuitively designed, requiring little to no training time for budtenders to get up and running. Its user-friendly interface and guided workflows enable budtenders to quickly become experts on products and effects. Regardless of their expertise or experience level, budtenders can effortlessly navigate the tool and provide customers with informed recommendations, making upselling a breeze.

Flexible integration with your dispensary’s point-of-sale system

Spark Pro AI can seamlessly integrate into your dispensary's point-of-sale system. Whether you prefer a standalone kiosk or a shared sales tool between budtenders and consumers, Spark Pro is versatile enough to adapt to your specific needs. And its flexible design ensures that it harmonizes with your dispensary's existing infrastructure, allowing for smooth and efficient sales with your current set-up. 

Empowering budtenders with expertise

By utilizing Spark Pro AI budtender assistant, budtenders become product experts with ease. The platform harnesses the power of millions of data points from half a million real consumers. This vast wealth of information enables budtenders to confidently recommend top-performing products that align with customers' goals and preferences. Budtenders can effortlessly guide customers through the cannabis purchase journey, providing them with personalized and well-informed recommendations.

Demystifying cannabis

Despite advances, cannabis is still widely misunderstood. The Spark Pro AI experience is designed to guide consumers confidently through the cannabis purchase journey, allowing your budtenders to provide informed and confident recommendations. This ensures customers have an outstanding sales experience and go home with products perfectly suited to their goals.

Simplifying the sales process

Strain types can overwhelm. Cannabinoids confuse. Terpenes confound. Spark Pro AI revolutionizes the dispensary shopping experience with a purposeful, goal-based approach. We replace the complex frameworks with a simple question, "What's your goal?", allowing customers to select product types and features aligned with their interests.

Budtender turnover troubles

We all know that good budtenders can make or break a dispensary's success. But what if budtender turnover didn’t have to be such a headache? Spark Pro AI budtender assistant reduces the need for extensive budtender training. With minimal onboarding needed, budtenders can confidently recommend top-performing products that best match customers' goals, making it the most reliable product-matching tool in the industry.

Keeping up with an evolving landscape

In a rapidly evolving industry, keeping up with the competition and meeting rising consumer expectations can be challenging. Spark Pro AI gives you the competitive edge by offering a personalized sales experience that transforms transactions into customer relationships.

Engaging the canna-curious

There’s a growing market of customers curious about cannabis. Reaching them or providing a fulfilling experience may seem difficult. Spark Pro AI empowers the canna-curious to consume with purpose and purchase products with confidence, making it easier for you to engage this expanding customer base.

In conclusion, Spark Pro AI is not just another tool; it's a game-changer that simplifies the sales process, empowers budtenders, and enhances the overall dispensary experience. Its ease of onboarding and use, along with its seamless integration into your dispensary framework, ensures a smooth transition to a more efficient and personalized sales approach. By leveraging the power of data and providing expert guidance, Spark Pro enables your budtenders to become trusted advisors, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, and building long-term relationships. Join the revolution with Spark Pro AI and unlock the true potential of your dispensary.

Calling all budtenders, dispensary owners, managers, and delivery services!

If you like the Jointly app, you are going to love our retail solutions, Spark Pro and app listings. We help you sell more cannabis by increasing the size of your local market and the potential value of every customer, using the millions of data points and purposeful consumption framework that power our consumer app.

A dispensary or delivery listing on the Jointly app will grow your reach and generate sales for delivery or pick-up. There are no upfront costs, and it’s quick and easy to get started.

Spark Pro is the most trusted and effective product discovery and cart-building tool for your dispensary. It’s built to fit your needs, whether you want to use it as a customer self-service kiosk, budtender sales assistant, or on a personal device (with the Jointly app). So if you're looking for a way to improve your customers’ experience, empower your budtenders, and increase sales, be sure to check out Spark Pro!

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