What Is A “Dub” Of Weed?

September 30, 2022
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What does the weed term “dub” mean?

If you have spent some time in the cannabis world, you may have heard terms like “dub,” “eighth,” or “dime.” While “eighth” and “dime” are somewhat self-explanatory, referring to an eighth of an ounce of cannabis and ten dollars’ worth of cannabis respectively, what does the word “dub” mean and where does it come from?

What is a “Dub” of Weed?

A dub is $20 worth of weed, generally around 1-1.5 grams of cannabis flower. How did $20 worth of weed come to be called a dub?

Origin of the Word “Dub”

Dub is an old word with numerous definitions. It has meant “to invest with dignity or title” since at least the 12th century A.D. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest recorded usage of “dub” as a noun comes from the mid-1400s, referring to an artificial fly used in fishing. Sixty years later, “dub” had taken on a new meaning: a “muddy or stagnant pool.” Dub took on additional meanings throughout the centuries, including the slang meaning of a key, “especially one used for picking locks,” and “one who is inexperienced or unskillful at anything; a duffer, fool.” According to the Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, dub has also been used to refer to “a marijuana or tobacco cigarette stub, or a car wheel rim.” What Is A “Dub” Of Weed? Bizarrely, this monosyllabic word has also meant “to trim hedges, to hit a bad golf shot, to cut off the comb and wattles of a rooster, to dress or adorn, to smear with fat and grease, or to have sex (vulgarly).” With the advent of film, “dub” took on a new meaning: laying a soundtrack over a film track. In this context, dub was a shortened form of the word “double.” This shortened form of double is the precursor to the cannabis term, although a “dub of weed” emerged directly out of West Coast car culture. For cars, “dub” refers to “double dimes” or to 20-inch rims for your wheels. In the early 1990s, 20-inch rims were astoundingly large, but in the modern era, wheel sizes have gone up to 24-inches. This term was repurposed for the cannabis world, and that is how $20 worth of marijuana came to be called a dub. If you want to learn more about weed-related history, check out our article Where Does the Word “Cannabis” Come From? Explore our Wellness Center to answer all your cannabis-related questions.

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