jars of quarter ounces of weed stacked

What is a Quarter of Weed? How Much Does a Quarter Weigh?

What is a quarter of weed and how much does a quarter weigh in grams?

What is a quarter of weed and how much is a quarter of weed in grams? A quarter of weed refers to a quarter of an ounce of marijuana flower. An ounce in a little over 28 grams, so a quarter of an ounce is 7 grams.jars of quarter ounces of weed stacked

Some people might get confused between how much is in a quarter of weed versus a quarter pound of weed. This mistake could be a costly one if you accidentally buy a quarter pound of weed instead of a quarter ounce.

To be clear, a quarter of weed is 7 grams of weed, or two eighths of an ounce. A quarter pound of weed is 4 ounces, or 113 grams of cannabis.

How much does a quarter of weed cost?

Like to an eighth of weed, quarters are a common measurement sold in both legal and illegal markets around the United States.

A quarter of weed can run you anywhere from $20 during the harvest season at dispensaries in Oregon, to well over $100 for a quarter ounce of designer cannabis purchased from a boutique dispensary in Los Angeles. The price of a quarter of weed varies based on location, cannabis quality, and even the season.

For example, outdoor commercially grown cannabis is often sold at a discount in the late fall and winter in areas where it is cultivated because farmers flood dispensaries with cheap cannabis flower. People in these areas can buy high quality quarters of weed for a fraction of the price they would normally pay. Later in the spring and the summer, prices may rise due to a decrease in supply.

How Long Does a Quarter of Weed Last?

A quarter of weed is usually enough for five to seven blunts or many bowls and joints. For some people a quarter of weed could last them months of microdosing. Another person might use a quarter ounce of weed to make one batch of brownies. How long a quarter of weed lasts you depends on a variety of factors like your dose, how frequently you use cannabis, and whether you are smoking weed alone or with friends.

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